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  1. 01. Poisonberry

    Seven years old Minnie is enchanted by a beautiful plump blackberry hanging in the bushes at her day care. […]

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  2. 02. L to Canarsie

    Who am I and what am I doing here? Ella finds out after landing in the young heady artist district […]

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  3. 03. Ana’s Time

    Texas memories and spiders, her pregnancy and dead father’s script, regretful relationships and finally a friend, this is about […]

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  4. 04. Ana’s Chronotope

    This is the house…this was the house…Is this the house? A poetic meditation on time, place, childhood memories, and […]

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  5. 05. Metal

    What happens when you find yourself in Allston, Massachusetts? And you find out that you’re a clone? And you […]

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  6. 06. Virtual Percept

    He roves through his singular virtual presence, he talks among the static objects of his past, he recalls memories […]

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  7. 07. See Something Say Something

    Little does he know what she can say to him. A Spring 2011 Manhattan Chapter Filmshop Short Production. Based […]

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