Drone catches epic party and its got everyone…

Max Mercury Neff (David Neff)I was just wondering if clickbait would get you here. We took a trip got tired on the way home and spent the night in some hotel in Connecticut that had seen just a few too many changes on ownership/management. Still, it had funky green curtains and some nice morning light. Good morning Alice & Max! And the stalker outside the window.

Huge and the full Vermonty




Max Mercury Neff goes to Lake Memphremagog, Newport Vermont (David Neff)

In case you missed it, Max is all grown up! Here he is at 26 months, now three feet tall, walking along the beach at Lake Memphemagogg Vermont. We grabbed a great little Air BNB cottage on the other side of the treeline for a long weekend of much needed time outdoor. Thankfully, the heat didn’t follow us from NYC!

Max Mercury Neff goes to Lake Memphremagog, Newport Vermont (David Neff)

The Screening Room at Erhan’s

The screening Room at Erhan’s, originally uploaded by Davepix.

My plane to Istanbul landed about three hours earlier.  I was whisked by relatives of my friend Shane’s Turkish husband to a wonderful outdoor cafe where we wined and dined for a few hours. Soon after we went to Erhan’s house for a film screening. He is a collector of films in all forms, and thus set up a projection room and an amazing audio studio in his apartment. The film was book-ended by intellectual discussions of all sorts, politics, art, etc.  An amazing introduction to the region.



Turkey07498.jpg, originally uploaded by Davepix.

Hopefully I spelled it sort of similar to what it’s supposed to be, my friends pronounce it Ishmir. A sleepy little town on the tukish coast with a fine view of the Greek island Cos. Here is some of the most amazing windsurfing in the world, consistent wind of course being the primary attraction. Sheltered body of water with moderate waves and just amazing wind. I rented a board and gear here and for three days proved how inexperienced a windsurfer I really am. Still it was a great time in the middle of nowhere.


Night market in Bangkok

Bangkok, originally uploaded by Davepix.

Wandering in places where I stand out like a sore thumb late one eve, on a three day layover with intent to acclimate on the way to China. Somewhere between tourist destinations maybe wondering if it would be a good idea to be able to speak a few words of Thai. If only I had enough time to get over what I would get eating the stuff in this market I might have been more adventurous. Instead I stuck to things that were fried and drank bottled beverages. Nice that beer is one of those things.