Another rainy day, another $400,000.00

Not my money, but Dr. Singh was a pretty good sport for having been swindled out of nearly a half million bucks and being photographed on a miserably rainy day in January for the writeup. The Profoto AcuteB is still chugging along, though I brought the Elinchrom’s along too for the ride. I’ll save the smiley outtakes for Dr. Singh. He’s a pretty upbeat guy and even gave me some sidewalk medical advice for free!

Nomads in my soup!

China08_-1493.jpg, originally uploaded by Davepix.

After leaving Rabshi, we ended up in a taxi for 34 hours through mountain passes heading toward Chengdu. We were detained at 11 police checkpoints along they way, turned back at one and had our belongings searched at four. I had to delete a series of images off of my hard drives that I had taken at a previous checkpoint where we had been invited to dine on mystery stew and noodles with the police. Regretfully, I lost the photo of them all waving goodbye as we departed but there wasn’t much I could do with few words of Mandarin at my disposal. Any more vocabulary and I might have ended up in prison.

Here I has stopped the taxi to photograph a tent set up at the roadside in pretty much the middle of nowhere. Within minutes family oured out and surrounded us curious what two really odd looking white guys were doing out in the middle of nowhere China in a taxi.