Polaroid: The Real Deal!

I received a request today to shoot some Polaroids for a model to submit to an agency in L.A.  Coincidentally, I’m  sitting on a stash of expired Polaroid I was saving for… the next Cold War?  Doris arrived around 3. I dragged out a few cameras and went to work.  Fun to shoot.  The colors are a bit off, but I did enjoy playing with some analog technology.  Thankfully, Doris has some idea of what to do in front of the camera, otherwise I would have wasted a pile of ‘roids.

I’ll have to do it again.   A few partial boxes of 4×5 Polaroid remain, and possibly a few twins of 669 at home.  Unfortunately the Pola pack back I have for 4×5 doesn’t mount well on my Busch Pressman.  The Graflex is set up for pinhole, and the Sinar P, well,  it was liquidated recently.   Maybe I’ll throw a lens on the Graflex.