Hot Bread Kitchen!

Taking a lazy afternoon break in the Union Square Green Market, a visit to the Hot Bread Kitchen table yields some great eats!

It’s too nice to be in the office, it’s too hot to be at home (haven’t put in the AC yet, maybe next week.)  Off to Union Square, it’s Green Market day!  Abs was helping out Jessamyn with the latest expansion of the HBC street crew so here I am (not in the picture) eating fresh bread, vine ripe strawberries and catching a cool breeze.   If I could make a living blogging about the Green Market and spend my days in the shade enjoying the breeze this would be mighty sweet!  Unfortunately I’ll have to go back to my office and make a living again in the very near future.

3rd Ward Crafts

3rd Ward Crafts, originally uploaded by Davepix.

Holiday Shopping, more like holiday tasting with my favorite person, Abby.  We biked to Brooklyn to see 3rd ward and check out the holiday craft sales. Merchandise quite nice, chocolate covered things…. even better. Part of the purpose of the trip though was to check out the facilities there. It’s an impressive community of creatives sharing resources. Wood and metal shops, photo studios, beautiful windowed space and a nice bunch of people. If only it were not so far out in Brooklyn. Supposedly in Williamsburg but it seemed like Jamaica. Maybe I should have worn another layer or a balaclava.