Lensbaby Composer, Sweet 35 and RJ, a really tall baller

RJ Brown – w/Lensbaby Composer Pro and Sweet 35
RJ Brown – w/Lensbaby Composer Pro and Sweet 35
RJ Brown – Canon 24-70 F2.8

Did I mention RJ was really tall? It’s really strange standing next to a pro ball player. I got a Lensbaby, wanted to get a few frames on it and see if it would be worthy creating originals vs Photoshop. It’s fun, some filmy sort of serendipitous feeling shooting with it though I doubt I’ll be using it on a commercial job when a frame can easily be converted to have the look. I’ll make more notes on this in the future as I play with it more.

The three images are shot within an hour under pretty similar lighting conditions. Okay, the third is shade but we’re trying to have fun without getting overly techy. I post process my RAW files in Lightroom, in this case I threw stock filters on them because Instagram is free, Lightroom is amazing so why not.

Differences to note, and partly because you can’t see the original data you just have to read my analysis.

Lensbaby Composer with Sweet 35 is fun to use, requires some coordination, some trust and doesn’t have an undo feature. You lose some frames because you can’t focus as well, you lose some because you are tilting and swinging and having fun. You shoot some more and have fun. Would I use it on a commercial shoot, sure but it would likely be to warm up, play a bit and show a client what can be done with a situation other than making it a normal shot.

Canon glass, kicks ass. I love my 24-70, probably use it on 95% of my work… at 24mm around f8. There you have it, you can now be me. It has great contrast, matches well with the camera and is easy to focus, manually, because I was born in the 60’s and still like to focus my own lens. Of course, having used the lens so much for years I know what’s going to be sharp, how to blur or defocus on demand… and what to do in post to make something look like it was Lensbaby. Have I tried to make an image look like it was done with the Lensbaby, no I’m not worried about it.