Doesn’t Evan look ridiculous? (Jenn doesn’t!)


So we went out on location today…. early… much too early… I have a new camera!  So testing has resumed of course.  Who are we?  Yep, David Neff Photography can often be more than one person, it’s a crew, it’s a production machine, today it was Evan and I, in a taxi, off to conquer the world.  So what happened?  half way to the location, the shoot was scrubbed.  Kill fee to be negotiated but the hunger to kill still in my veins (note the switch to singlar.)  Really it was the urge to take a picture, not really an urge to kill.

I’m in a new studio, that you know if you read meticulously through my blog, maybe if you read a little of my blog?  ten minutes later… three phone calls, four emails….

Where were we, okay Evan is working on catalogs, I should be editing, but instead I’m going to shoot a bit.  Crystal came over today (as if you know who Crystal is?) from the Costume Lab next door and dropped a few tidbits of fashion off to play with.   Now you see where I’m going, probably you already knew, likely you saw the photograph first but if you were following my train of thought you would have also had the half hour delay between typing this and posting the image with it that you looked at before you read this.

Blah, blah, blah.  Later we shoot it on Jenn and maybe it will look more spectacular.



Does Jenn look ridiculous?

I don’t think either really look ridiculous, though I have gotten about 45% less sleep this week than I should have and my judgement is beginning to slide.  I really think Evan looked quite regal if not gladiator-esque in the silver suit.  I tried to get him to take his shirt off, I have better luck these days telling the opposite sex to bare some skin.  Hmmm, am I getting old?  Okay, enough said, off to the old 37th St Loft to hellp Bonafede with his leaking sink.  Why don’t my friends call a plumber?  Better get dinner out of this!  Yes I know I need to retouch out the bra strap.