Don’t touch my threads!

“Artist-in-Residence HOTTEA transformed Viacom’s worldwide headquarters with his largest installation to date.” Artist uptown residence Dave takes Pictures was brought in to make pretty pictures of said person going by HOTTEA for Viacom. Nobody told me I shouldn’t touch the thread! Okay, I should have known… but it was just yarn hanging from a ceiling with a few kinks and tangles here and there!

One of our lights touched yarn, HOTTEA was present, he was distressed, before anyone could get a ladder we used a light stand to unstick a few stands that had stuck together. Good thing we weren’t in the elevator lobby where the HVAC had tangled up a few yards of yarn. Sure does look pretty though!

Thanks Mike for giving me a hand with the gear and running through the shots. Thanks Julie for not wanting to do it and tossing me the work… and also walking through a shot.



Hot Tea installation at Viacom NYC