The Kane Show shoot DC

T’was the day before my birthday, we put together a nice dog and pony show at a friend’s studio in DC, Studiowerks DC.  Budget was tight so we went cozy for the day. It’s a great studio but with 13 people and two sets running space is tight. Other than some words of wisdom, don’t eat the steak at a seafood restaurant, the day went smooth.
David Neff shoot Kane


So, thanks Paul and Chris for hooking me up with the studio, thanks to the crew for doing everything while I lay on the floor wishing I was dead, feeding me occasional sips of diet caffeine free Coke, and not letting me fall over when I tried to stand up or get off my stool. Thanks Johnny’s Half Shell for feeding me a $40 steak that was alive enough to fight back for three days.  If you decide to eat there, get the Crab Cake, my Art Director Hosea ate two and a half, he was fine. Oh yeah, thanks Hosea for carrying pharmaceuticals enough to keep me alive for the day. Thanks Kane & Crew for looking good. It helps!

Technical & production notes

  • Rental Studio – PhotowerksDC
  • 2 assistants
  • 1 AD
  • wardrobe stylist
  • 2  hair/makeup stylists
  • Shot with Canon 5DMKII
  • Lit with Profoto
  • Tethered to Mac via USB
  • RAW processed in CaptureOne