Low risk photoshoot?

Early one morning, as commuters began to filter into the tubes heading midtown, we photographed Grant and Michael at Citibike rack by Grand Central. They are Risk Managers associated with bike shares accross the US.

As our taxi rolled past loaded citibike racks on the UWS a bit before sunrise, I lamented not riding my cargo bike down loaded with gear in a show of solidarity but my assistant didn’t have a bike and would have put me a bit over capacity. We arrived  half hour prior to Grant and Michael, to find an empty rack! I could have put Rob on a Citibike and at least we would have one! Hopefully Grant and Michael would bring a few! As the sun began to shine (strobe) fortunately the bikes began to roll in. To the frustration of a few commuters, we used administrative access to lock a few props on the rack for the shoot… sorry;)

All went well, Thanks for a great shoot guys!


City Bike

P3292034, originally uploaded by Davepix.

Univega touring bike, outfitted for city riding. This is my beater bike, the one cheap enough to lock on the streets of NYC and not worry so much that it is going to be vandalized or stolen. It’s been with me long enough that if it were stolen I got my money’s worth but I’d miss it. No idea how many flats it has had at this point. I average about five flats a month at times, ride it almost year round and usually have kevlar belted Gatorskins on the rims. I have replaced the front wheel twice, the rear wheel once, the cranks twice, chainrings four times, chain maybe around the fifth. It’s a great bike, never intended for the abuse it gets but what can I say, steel is amazing. Softer ride, tough frame. Light too.