Truth in Advertsing

Bank of America Ad running this week,

Truth in Advertising

Check out the Bank of America ad running this week.

I couldn’t help but to rant on this one….  “All the tools you need to reach new heights.”

Come on now.  Put a little thought into your propping!  Perhaps ask a climber to prop it?  They put an ice axe with nuts (for rock) and a rope almost long enough to hang yourself, but not long enough to tie the dinghy onto the roof of your Hummer.  How about that stainless steel water bottle?  Sure enough it would freeze to your lips as you tried to lick the ice cube inside as you ascended that couloir?  The lighting is pretty, though, and the color coordination is superb.  Consider also a leash on that ice axe; they are hard to hold onto (for your life) in the cold while wearing gloves.