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If you’re on the list, hopefully you received the new promo.  If you’re not on the list, or you are but did not receive it, email me.  This one resembles the original; I’ve been playing with templates, but go easy… I’m not a designer nor a programmer.

Greetings [My Esteemed List],

As the sun sets earlier, and days turn colder, I thought I’d share some images from a sweltering few days this past August.  I shot production stills on the set of an exciting short film that should work its way through the festival circuit in 2010.

In 1960, students at Sycamore University volunteered for an experiment that sought to stop the external aging process. The experiment worked, and the resulting drug, Juvenol, went on to become the most popular prescription drug in history. Fifty years later, the Sycamore Class of 1960 has gathered for a reunion. Some look young, while others have chosen not to take the drug. JUVENOL is a short film directed by Yale University graduate Xander Dominitz and executive-produced by Stone Phillips (Dateline NBC).

Enjoy these images, evidence of the fun I had working with talented filmmakers, cast, and crew.  I’m grateful to the JUVENOL folks for allowing me to establish my own off-set narratives featuring various cast members in character.

Please contact me directly if you wish to see a portfolio in person.  Portfolio delivery available by foot, bike, or boat.