Tomato pie Upper West Side NYC (UWS) reveiw

We had a party, we wanted good pizza, it’s NYC, shouldn’t be hard to find. Here are reviews of a few local joints


Pizzeria Little Italy Pizza Perfecto Pizza Hearthstone Pizza
Location 92nd & Bway 92nd & Bway 93rd & Bway
Phone 212-787-6700 NO, DON’T CALL! meh
Health Dept Rated A no posting visible ???
thin crispy low rise thin fluffy crisp chewy
Cheese good coverage, tasty, quality overdone, goopy, cheap goopy chewy
sauce good flavor, nice distribution no flavor, minimal almost enough
flavor very good booger pie blech worth about $1.50
texture crispy, minmal stringy cheese pull squishy, nasty as good as a freezer pizza
impression pretty slice, nice tonal distribution looks like mucous disappointing, looks are deceiving
aesthetic very good, highly reccomend very bad aesthetically pleasing
size average large average
slice cost USD $2.75 $3.00 $1.50
pie cost USD $18.00 $19.50
rating 1-10 8 3 5
Notes: min 1 hr to order 10 pies, owner appears to be Italian, very friendly, gave me a free soda when I asked about the bulk order and remembered Alice’s asking about Hippo Park Delivery Cashier can’t hear, asked three times about the cost of a large pie before getting a response, bad lighting, I have had better freezer pizza looked good tasted bad not impressed good in an emergency

ASMP Annual winning entry! NJTP

Back again, from the garden tractor pull series   my submitted image to the ASMP 2017 Annual is about to hit the streets. Here’s your jump start, you can say you saw it here first! Woo Hoo! Look out, I just scooped the Daily News!

Feel free to toss me some dough to continue the series, I’d love to keep it going.



The Pains of Being Pure at Scheduling

Last month, we photographed Peggy Wang, a Buzzfeed founder, for Tulane University Magazine. We had sample layouts, a bit of instruction for self AD’ing the shoot and and Peggy’s email address to get the ball rolling. We almost nailed down the time, date, place and some ideas with Peggy before the PR handler jumped in. What started as an hour shoot with an hour setup was hacked down to twenty minutes setup and twenty minutes to shoot for two to three sets. From run of the shop to two tight locations. You take what you can get sometimes, and even if you have to spend 5 of your forty minutes looking for a two replacement light bulbs. We found only one. Just do it? Photoshop the lamp to look like it has two bulbs in it? Maybe tomorrow.
Peggy Wang, Founder: Buzzfeed
Peggy, seasoned with a decade plus in public eye was easy to work with. PR advised her not to dunk the cookie for us even though she convinced Pres. Obama to dunk a cookie for Buzzfeed. Thanks Obama? Once again, you take what you can get. Though I would have liked to have some silly in the shoot, here’s the serious Peggy Wang from Buzzfeed.

P.S. stock concert shot isn’t mine.

Mr. Bill is back for an evening anyway


At the American Museum of Natural History #AMNH NYC for game night kid free! After ping pong and Cocktails I found myself playing with clay feeling inspired for something a little retro. Mr Bill is back! Not the original of course (was he ever the same twice?)I gave it my best shot I left him on the table fully intending to go back and see if someone might have mauled him well but unfortunately was directed by security before I had a chance. I’m kind of hoping to look online and possibly find someone posting a follow-up if so I’ll post a follow-up.

Where the wild things are

Source: Max Mercury Neff | David Neff Photography 2015

If you don’t know about Max’s wolf suit, you missed out on childhood. Max is Max, of course he should have a wolf suit and of course it should be furry and soft and he should get pizza and dirt on it to make it authentic. Max loves his wolf suit though it seems other kids love it even more as he becomes a big fuzzy animal toy. Is peeing in your wolf suit a good way to show love? Ask your dog. Is my kid cute or what? Rhetorical question.

Max Mercury Neff (David Neff)Max Mercury Neff (David Neff)Max Mercury Neff (David Neff)

A few weeks ago, Max’s wolf suit was a blanket. Nice to be handy and creative at times. Sorry no pattern to post for you, didn’t use one and it really didn’t fit perfectly either… nor will I pass it on for another year’s use to someone else because I don’t want to be liable for pin sticks, the trip hazard tail or heat stroke. Still, next year maybe I’ll do another, better version because if you’re a kid named Max, your wolf suit always be a good standby and it only cost about twenty bucks to make it.


Please wait while we reprocess your files…

Reprocessing older RAW files with the new Lightroom 4 algorithm makes for surprisingly wonderful renewed improved images!

It’s been a long time, almost fourteen years since I shot my first RAW file.  And thanks to Lightroom 4, suddenly some of thouse images shot with obsolete cameras look a whole lot better.  I just may be putting a few “retired” images back in the book soon!  Looking at the images above and details below, you might just think a little adjustment in Photoshop is all the difference between them but it isn’t so.  The image on the left spent plenty of time in processing and was limited at the time by moire patterns and ugly color artifacts when you tried to zero it in.  In print (CMYK) it looked pretty good, but on the monitor, no comparison.

Better detail and color without loss of tonal accuracy
Notably improved color and detail without sacrificing tonal rendition in LR 4

A couple weeks ago during Photo Expo, I was sitting in a seminar on Adobe Lightroom, a product I know like the back of my… well,  maybe my head?  Really, I’m quite proficient with it but these days without a good solid manual to read over all the features, you’re just guessing that the latest release is better as you occasionally find a feature here or there.  Oh yeah, the point, Bryan O’Neil Hughes, the guy running the seminar, mentioned that lightroom 4 algorithms are so much better than the previous versions that you should go back and reprocess your portfolio.  Being that I am not the heaviest Photoshop manipulator and prefer to do not much more to an image than you might have done in the darkroom of yesteryear, it seemed like a good idea.  now, two weeks into the project, I’m saying, maybe I should be more selective with my edit!  Crap, hate to not have all the finest be as fine as they might be but really, this is taking forever.  Below is a selection of what I have worked on the past few weeks.  Even with uber powerful super duper Macintosh running LR4.0, its an ordeal searching a library of a quarter million images spread over a bunch of drives.  So, Josh, you’re looking even finer in those panties these days thanks to LR4.0.  What can I say, Victor’s Secret was one of my most hilarious series, hated to see the files become obsolete, and really had no desire to do that series over again… unless someone wants to jump up with a checkbook!

My Calling Card (another one for the checklist)

to address my business card or go address free?

The question of the day, and perhaps I should be sending this by my long lost designer Brandon Scharr, but I thought I’d give it a shot…   Is there any reason for me to have a street address on my card these days?  I do almost all my transactions on the web and only occasionally send out a hard drive via FedEx loaded with high res files so it really comes down to design.  Can the card stand on it’s own without an address (and slightly larger type than I have used for the past fifteen or so years to adjust for aging.)  Ten years ago, I dropped having a fax number on the card, it took the text down from four lines to three.  Does anyone have an opinion? Feel free to let me know.



to have address or not to have address
to have address or not to have address
Perhaps there should be more background here, maybe you know, maybe you don’t and soon likely I’ll have more in depth ramblings.  In summary, I spent the past two years on a hiatus from my freelance to help out a friend with his startup, Makerbot Industries LLC.  After a year of hard work growing the company as General Manager, I moved into the marketing department to let the new investor installed management take over the place.  Maybe not so voluntarily but somehow I guess I was rewarded.  A year later after building their library of images for collateral I am back out on my own again.   Ahhhh, what a relief.




Saranac in a Kayak

July 2010 Kayak trip on the Northern Forest Canoe Trail


A much-needed vacation!  Abs and I took off last week and headed up to the Adirondacks with a rough plan to paddle part of the Northern Forest Canoe Trail.  Equipped with a pair of Feathercraft folding kayaks and a bunch of backpacking gear stuffed into dry sacks we set off to do about 34 miles in four days of paddling.


Late Monday evening we put in at Floodwood Pond and paddled only a few hundred yards to our first backwoods water-access -only campsites.  We hired a shuttle from St. Regis Canoe Outfitters in Saranac Lake  to shuttle our car to our endpoint the following Friday.   They were amazingly helpful in our trip planning and had a very well-stocked shop where we picked up a few last minute supplies such as a nifty dehydrated dessert for Abby’s birthday dinner on Wednesday, replacement deck bungee, and a rental dry box (you will likely see in every photo I took) for my big camera.


Late Monday evening we put in at Floodwood Pond and paddled only a few hundred yards to our first backwoods water-access -only campsites.  We hired a shuttle from St. Regis Canoe Outfitters in Saranac Lake  to shuttle our car to our endpoint the following Friday.   They were amazingly helpful in our trip planning and had a very well-stocked shop where we picked up a few last minute supplies such as a nifty dehydrated dessert for Abby’s birthday dinner on Wednesday, replacement deck bungee, and a rental dry box (you will likely see in every photo I took) for my big camera.


We rushed to assemble the boats in the early evening on Monday, and found our site just before dark with fear of being eaten alive by bugs.  Waking up early Tuesday to get out on the water, I realized that we had landed in paradise.  Our very own island, free of trash, broken glass, and people!   After bowls of instant oatmeal and packing up the boats, we set out into the wilderness, stopping to swim in the amazingly clear and fragrant ponds whenever the urge arose.


Day Three: paddling in Middle Saranac Lake, a few hundred photos taken and a few pages could have been written. Here we approached a tiny island smaller than our Manhattan apartment, er, maybe.  Our next campsite was just a quarter mile ahead, but how could I pass up an island that mimicked the shape of my bow?  Stopped for a snack, tied Abby’s boat to my stern, and she swam the last leg to camp (sans swimwear).


Yes, paradise once again.  Our very own cove with amazing breezes coming from the west across the lake and blowing the bugs into the woods beyond our tent.  Cooked an amazing birthday dinner (from a package…  just added hot water) and a strange birthday dessert that after paddling all day we devoured like wolves.  As the sun began to set, we paddled out on the lake to watch the constellations appear in a moonless sky.  The wind and waves died down, and the lake became smooth as glass.

Day Four: out on Middle Saranac Lake, early in the morning before the breeze chopped the surface, but this time there was enough light to take a few photos.  Yes, amazing still, and the trip kept getting better!

Container Art

Figment Festival Governor’s Island New york review

Figment Container
Figment Festival Governor’s Island NY 2010
Amazing festival to attend if you have the time.  I am pretty sure this is the third year they have done it the festival.  It began as a low budget gallery walk through where artists set up temporary galleries in the abandoned housing left over from the island’s former use as a military base.  The energy level in general was very positive, an amazing number of family oriented open air exhibits and interactive events are all over the many lawns, under beautiful trees and in the houses once again.  Pictured above, something I absolutely loved, shipping containers converted to use as picnic pavilions overlooking the Hudson Harbor at the south end of the island.  Make time for this one, read more about it and get involved.  Even the free ferry ride from Manhattan to the island is worth something… all free! and plenty to see and do.


A relationship begins, My Dream Boat…. Feathercraft Khatsalano, 18′ of techno love!

The deal of the century!  My Dream Boat!  Feathercraft Khatsalano, an 18′ aluminum framed hypalon & poly skinned beauty.  This one is just too much for words, I am now held captive by a full schedule and unable to get out and play but still I got out the boat the other day to inspect it and do some minor repairs.  Can you believe this fits in a backpack?  A great big heavy backpack but still… you can carry it.  My office is on an island… its seven blocks from the water and on the 5th floor.  There is no way to get the boat out of my office without taking it apart again other than throwing it out the window which has it’s own issues.  Oh well, it’s back in the pack again today.  Hopefully I can get out one day next week and put her on the Hudson.

Hot Bread Kitchen!

Taking a lazy afternoon break in the Union Square Green Market, a visit to the Hot Bread Kitchen table yields some great eats!

It’s too nice to be in the office, it’s too hot to be at home (haven’t put in the AC yet, maybe next week.)  Off to Union Square, it’s Green Market day!  Abs was helping out Jessamyn with the latest expansion of the HBC street crew so here I am (not in the picture) eating fresh bread, vine ripe strawberries and catching a cool breeze.   If I could make a living blogging about the Green Market and spend my days in the shade enjoying the breeze this would be mighty sweet!  Unfortunately I’ll have to go back to my office and make a living again in the very near future.

Valentine’s Gingerbread Puzzlefest


At the risk of making all the rest of you manly-man dudes out there look bad, here’s what I did for my favorite woman who happens to think fresh-cut flowers are not such a nice thing to get as a token of enduring love. (Dying flowers?)

The idea was influenced by an exhibit at X-Initiative (during the show where we presented D’Nono) and a post on my friend Deb’s Blog.

Hand-cut, homemade, gingerbread, Valentine’s anagram!

Edible, they become part of your body.  How much more symbolic can you get?  After eating a few cookies we got to work on additional phrases.

She was thrilled.  I got to eat cookies.  Win, win!

Miss Eliza goes to town!

Spank me, spank you

Mistress Eliza & a nice freindly gimp dude

Always a nice way to start the holidays, I took some time out to visit Miss Eliza and a friend, just my assistant and I with five cases of lighting gear.  It was a wonderfully intimate setting…. until we showed up and turned the place upside down.  So you wonder if it’s tittilating to be face to face with a rubber clad dominatrix wielding a crop and six inch stiletto boots.  Yep, you bet it is.  Alas though my desire to be bound, gagged and whipped though has not yet arisen.

Maybe just a little spanking would have been nice though.

Happy holidays,


3rd Ward Crafts

3rd Ward Crafts, originally uploaded by Davepix.

Holiday Shopping, more like holiday tasting with my favorite person, Abby.  We biked to Brooklyn to see 3rd ward and check out the holiday craft sales. Merchandise quite nice, chocolate covered things…. even better. Part of the purpose of the trip though was to check out the facilities there. It’s an impressive community of creatives sharing resources. Wood and metal shops, photo studios, beautiful windowed space and a nice bunch of people. If only it were not so far out in Brooklyn. Supposedly in Williamsburg but it seemed like Jamaica. Maybe I should have worn another layer or a balaclava.

Abby’s New Boat!

Neff20091029-196.jpg, originally uploaded by Davepix.

Ok, ok.  At least it’s not matching sweaters, robes, or cars.  We found a folding kayak for Abs, and this is its inaugural paddle.  Or the inaugural paddle with its current owner.  The kayak is an older model Feathercraft K-Light, but surprisingly easy to dis/assemble. The folders are amazing.  After the paddle, we packed up, threw the kayaks on a bus, and headed back to the city.

Gorgeous fall afternoon on the Housatonic River, and we even spotted a bald eagle pulling apart its fresh catch on a lofty perch.


Rats Love Cheese

RatsnCheese, originally uploaded by Davepix.

The infamous New York Rat costume (that’s me!), complete with red diodes that light up the plastic-spoon eyes.  I had known Abby then for two weeks, full of energy, an amazing English teacher at The Beacon School on the UWS. We made her cheese for Bethany’s annual Halloween blowout.  Egg-crate foam, yellow spray paint, and sewn with dental floss.  Best_costume_pair_ever.   Photographed in my ol’ living room, 102nd & Riverside.

City Bike

P3292034, originally uploaded by Davepix.

Univega touring bike, outfitted for city riding. This is my beater bike, the one cheap enough to lock on the streets of NYC and not worry so much that it is going to be vandalized or stolen. It’s been with me long enough that if it were stolen I got my money’s worth but I’d miss it. No idea how many flats it has had at this point. I average about five flats a month at times, ride it almost year round and usually have kevlar belted Gatorskins on the rims. I have replaced the front wheel twice, the rear wheel once, the cranks twice, chainrings four times, chain maybe around the fifth. It’s a great bike, never intended for the abuse it gets but what can I say, steel is amazing. Softer ride, tough frame. Light too.