Tomato pie Upper West Side NYC (UWS) reveiw

We had a party, we wanted good pizza, it’s NYC, shouldn’t be hard to find. Here are reviews of a few local joints


Pizzeria Little Italy Pizza Perfecto Pizza Hearthstone Pizza
Location 92nd & Bway 92nd & Bway 93rd & Bway
Phone 212-787-6700 NO, DON’T CALL! meh
Health Dept Rated A no posting visible ???
thin crispy low rise thin fluffy crisp chewy
Cheese good coverage, tasty, quality overdone, goopy, cheap goopy chewy
sauce good flavor, nice distribution no flavor, minimal almost enough
flavor very good booger pie blech worth about $1.50
texture crispy, minmal stringy cheese pull squishy, nasty as good as a freezer pizza
impression pretty slice, nice tonal distribution looks like mucous disappointing, looks are deceiving
aesthetic very good, highly reccomend very bad aesthetically pleasing
size average large average
slice cost USD $2.75 $3.00 $1.50
pie cost USD $18.00 $19.50
rating 1-10 8 3 5
Notes: min 1 hr to order 10 pies, owner appears to be Italian, very friendly, gave me a free soda when I asked about the bulk order and remembered Alice’s asking about Hippo Park Delivery Cashier can’t hear, asked three times about the cost of a large pie before getting a response, bad lighting, I have had better freezer pizza looked good tasted bad not impressed good in an emergency

The Pains of Being Pure at Scheduling

Last month, we photographed Peggy Wang, a Buzzfeed founder, for Tulane University Magazine. We had sample layouts, a bit of instruction for self AD’ing the shoot and and Peggy’s email address to get the ball rolling. We almost nailed down the time, date, place and some ideas with Peggy before the PR handler jumped in. What started as an hour shoot with an hour setup was hacked down to twenty minutes setup and twenty minutes to shoot for two to three sets. From run of the shop to two tight locations. You take what you can get sometimes, and even if you have to spend 5 of your forty minutes looking for a two replacement light bulbs. We found only one. Just do it? Photoshop the lamp to look like it has two bulbs in it? Maybe tomorrow.
Peggy Wang, Founder: Buzzfeed
Peggy, seasoned with a decade plus in public eye was easy to work with. PR advised her not to dunk the cookie for us even though she convinced Pres. Obama to dunk a cookie for Buzzfeed. Thanks Obama? Once again, you take what you can get. Though I would have liked to have some silly in the shoot, here’s the serious Peggy Wang from Buzzfeed.

P.S. stock concert shot isn’t mine.

Hey, is that Salad on Your Roof?

Fresh green salad blogging
blogging about my salad
Last night I received a text from a friend, Daniel Bowman Simon, an activist involved in The WHO Farm asking if I was interested in meeting up with him for a little urban gardening.  It’s been a while since I had my hands in dirt so I dragged my lazy ___ out of bed and off to Greenpoint Brooklyn to do a little work outdoor.  I was pleasantly surprised with the scene that awaited me upon arrival at the Eagle Street Rooftop Farm.  Cool brezes coming in from the East River, amazing views of Manhattan, chickens clucking and a full rooftop of organic greens awaiting attention of the many enthusiastic volunteers in attendance.  After a few hours of milling about and being mildly helpful and more, just amazed, I bought a bag of greens, went home to have a fresh salad before class.
Brooklyn Rooftop Garden - Greenpoint
Views of the Brooklyn Rooftop Garden – Greenpoint

Truth in Advertsing

Bank of America Ad running this week,

Truth in Advertising

Check out the Bank of America ad running this week.

I couldn’t help but to rant on this one….  “All the tools you need to reach new heights.”

Come on now.  Put a little thought into your propping!  Perhaps ask a climber to prop it?  They put an ice axe with nuts (for rock) and a rope almost long enough to hang yourself, but not long enough to tie the dinghy onto the roof of your Hummer.  How about that stainless steel water bottle?  Sure enough it would freeze to your lips as you tried to lick the ice cube inside as you ascended that couloir?  The lighting is pretty, though, and the color coordination is superb.  Consider also a leash on that ice axe; they are hard to hold onto (for your life) in the cold while wearing gloves.



Tresspassing at the Penn Warner Club

Tresspassing at the Penn Warner Club, originally uploaded by Davepix.

Somewhere down the Delaware River in a sleepy, little (not so little) town north of Philly sits a really big landfill owned by Waste Management Corporation. The story here isn’t necessarily about them, but rather, the club.

When I was a kid, we occasionally trespassed there, swam in the coves, fished the waters, biked and made a ruckus. Why would anyone care?  It now sits next to one of the largest landfills in the region. It’s like a little campground next to a mountain of trash. Actually, it is a little private park next to a mountain of trash. Yep, private. Recently a few buddies and I rode our bikes from NYC towards Philly, and en route, detoured through a bit of the grounds on a cold winter day. A security detail ran us down and threatened us a bit to chase us off the grounds.  When I asked where we could get a day pass, he said we couldn’t as if we were hoodlums cycling from NYC in full Lycra to terrorize the grounds which were shut down for winter.

When I was a kid, before the mountain of trash came, when it was all woods between the Delaware and Tullytown, I wanted my parents to get a membership there.  It was prestigious, so I thought. My dad replied, “Why would we ever rent a seasonal campsite a mile from our house when we could go to Vermont or Canada?”

I didn’t see it. Now I do. Silly place that Penn Warner Park.