Women Leaders in Consulting cover shoot

This year, and for the past decade I have had the pleasure of shooting the cover for the WLA issue of Consulting Magazine. Each year, I’m amazed with the brilliance, power and grace these women bring to the table. Though I don’t get to be a fly on the wall as they navigate the corridors of power, their peers present them, each with a story of commitment, humbleness and dedication unparalleled. This year nonetheless seemed even more pertinent given the political gyrations and social upheaval we’re experiencing.

Those who know me as a left wing nutjob or libtard might a different attitude in my interaction with the subject set but this isn’t about me, the companies they consult for or my shallow understanding of their world. Honestly, after listening to them and their peers it seems they get to the stage because of the good they do as much as the team spirit they bring to the table.

I wish them all the best in the coming years and to continue to bring a greater perspective to the C-suites of the world.

Congrats Debbie Simpson and everyone who stood before the camera this year, and thanks to whoever bought the wine and scotch. Unwinding after fast high pressure shooting is easier with a single malt and truffles.

For the tech side, this year we had 12 women on the deck, that means 12 portraits and the cover shot all in about an hour with an hour to set up ahead of time. This year I opted for DC powered strobes, Elinchrom as I have had issues in the past with blowing circuit breakers and I just can’t afford down time when there’s so much to do in the allocated time.

Thanks Rob for keeping me from jumping out a locked window and running away and for hauling all my stuff.




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