Tomato pie Upper West Side NYC (UWS) reveiw

We had a party, we wanted good pizza, it’s NYC, shouldn’t be hard to find. Here are reviews of a few local joints


Pizzeria Little Italy Pizza Perfecto Pizza Hearthstone Pizza
Location 92nd & Bway 92nd & Bway 93rd & Bway
Phone 212-787-6700 NO, DON’T CALL! meh
Health Dept Rated A no posting visible ???
thin crispy low rise thin fluffy crisp chewy
Cheese good coverage, tasty, quality overdone, goopy, cheap goopy chewy
sauce good flavor, nice distribution no flavor, minimal almost enough
flavor very good booger pie blech worth about $1.50
texture crispy, minmal stringy cheese pull squishy, nasty as good as a freezer pizza
impression pretty slice, nice tonal distribution looks like mucous disappointing, looks are deceiving
aesthetic very good, highly reccomend very bad aesthetically pleasing
size average large average
slice cost USD $2.75 $3.00 $1.50
pie cost USD $18.00 $19.50
rating 1-10 8 3 5
Notes: min 1 hr to order 10 pies, owner appears to be Italian, very friendly, gave me a free soda when I asked about the bulk order and remembered Alice’s asking about Hippo Park Delivery Cashier can’t hear, asked three times about the cost of a large pie before getting a response, bad lighting, I have had better freezer pizza looked good tasted bad not impressed good in an emergency



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