More or less Snow and Ice

Just a day or two before The Great Blizzard of 2018 we were scheduled to photograph The Wizard of Blizzard: Joe Costanzo for Snow and Ice Management/Snow Business Magazine.  Oh the perils of scheduling ten days out, and having other jobs on the calendar include missing out on an opportunity to photograph a snow plow with snow rather than a snow plow on wet pavement.

Joe was a trooper, gloveless after dark on a cold and windy day. As much as I would have liked to have snow on the ground, shooting in a blizzard would have posed some interesting challenges not the least of which would have been getting to the location when orders are in place for essential vehicles only to be on the streets and the prospect of gigantic hunks of snow dropping from the sky at a hard angle with 50mph gusts doesn’t sound like a whole lot of fun. Well, if I hadn’t already been booked I would have done it. Thanks Consulting Mag for keeping my warm, dry and well fed instead!

Thanks Joe for pulling it together, thanks Rob for hauling my crap around, thanks NYPD for not noticing my car double parked illegally across the street, the tripod, lightstands or my 100′ driving through Fulton St. Mall to get to the location instead of driving over the sidewalks.



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