Not Your Grandpa’s Riding Mower

Otisvile Tractor Pull 20160836
I’m working on a series of Garden Tractor Pull images. Yes, it’s a  real sport. Some five years or so ago, I happened upon a county fair somwhere three or four hours northwest of NYC. Following the sound of loud engines to a dirt track raceway there was a queue of garden tractors lined up to pull an incrementally weighted sled. I knew the term Tractor Pull from TV & radio ads in my childhood but never had a visual to go with it. The entries were anywhere from stock up to sponsored racing machines with glossy custom paint jobs. The pulls generally aren’t what you might consider jackrabbit fast. They’re loud and it’s common amongst participants I’ve spoken with that they’re spending way too much money on rides that in many cases won’t mow a lawn. A few riders still had a mower deck and blades hanging below. I’m finishing work on a few images to post soon and will get them up on my site.



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