Power Racing Series test


Power Racing Series at Bellworks 2016 (David Neff)
just one step above spit & chewing gum
Another day working with Power Racing Series teams….

We went out to the legendary Bellworks Labs in Humboldt NJ for a mini Maker Faire where the PRS was having the first exhibition race to help local new and old teams tune up their rides. Two major teams I have already worked with were there and a few new entries below working out the quirks in their new cars. We ran some tests and will hopefully get some fun race shots at the big race this Sept in Queens!

Power Racing Series at Bellworks 2016 (David Neff)
a student entry with a cardboard body held up with duct tape suspenders. Maybe they’ll work that out for the races!
Power Racing Series at Bellworks 2016 (David Neff)
qualifying lap crash… hay bales are good… for me.



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