Where the wild things are

Source: Max Mercury Neff | David Neff Photography 2015

If you don’t know about Max’s wolf suit, you missed out on childhood. Max is Max, of course he should have a wolf suit and of course it should be furry and soft and he should get pizza and dirt on it to make it authentic. Max loves his wolf suit though it seems other kids love it even more as he becomes a big fuzzy animal toy. Is peeing in your wolf suit a good way to show love? Ask your dog. Is my kid cute or what? Rhetorical question.

Max Mercury Neff (David Neff)Max Mercury Neff (David Neff)Max Mercury Neff (David Neff)

A few weeks ago, Max’s wolf suit was a blanket. Nice to be handy and creative at times. Sorry no pattern to post for you, didn’t use one and it really didn’t fit perfectly either… nor will I pass it on for another year’s use to someone else because I don’t want to be liable for pin sticks, the trip hazard tail or heat stroke. Still, next year maybe I’ll do another, better version because if you’re a kid named Max, your wolf suit always be a good standby and it only cost about twenty bucks to make it.




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Author: David

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