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I’m shopping for a new camera, why? I skipped a generation, the 5DmkIII as it was only 1MP higher and I didn’t see the need for top end ASA increase. Sony and Canon recently released the next generation Sony A7RII and Canon 5Ds & 5Dsr. My backup camera is rather obsolete, I fear my main camera going down on a shoot, probably a time to invest again. Caught up in the buzz surrounding the Sony A7RII, it seemed for a while that I might be leaning towards a platform change. The prospect of buying new lenses again $$$ was enough to get me to scour the internet for reviews. In the end, well, almost the end, It looks as though I’ll go against the flow and get the new Canon 5Ds.

I used DP review’s camera comparison tool to look at the Canon 5DMKII, 5DMKIII, 5DS and Sony A7RII at ASA’s from 100 up to 12800 and pushed the cameras capable of higher ASA’s up more for grins. Though the 5DMKIII and A7RII are capable of higher ASA’s, and possibly can resolve the same as the others at another stop of sensitivity, the gain once again probably doesn’t matter so much to me. What surprised me most was that my existing 5DmkII really wasn’t as bad as I had assumed at the higher ratings. Other considerations were, do I really need 50Mpixels? Should I get the 5DmkIII instead? I’ll post a follow up on my choice perhaps next month, though the deciding factors are as follows. The Sony mirrorless line is always on “live view” and has a battery half the size. You get about 300 frames on a battery. It’s not uncommon for me to shoot over 3000 exposures in a day. Do I really want to manage 10 batteries in a day? Dual battery grip and charger aside, it’s one more thing to go wrong. On Mega pix, why wouldn’t I want  50Mpx? Sure it will kill my computer and stuff my server with files, but then I can crop with reckless abandon? Oh yeah, and it costs more too!

DP Review Camera Comparison tool… yes the 5DS has more noise… but then it’s also about 18% larger
Pros and cons

 Canon 5DS Sony A7RII
Price $3,899.00 $3,198.00
Mpx 50 42
ASA normal ISO 100-6400 max 102,400
Shots per battery 750 300
Tether USB 3 USB 2 micro
Size Big Cute

Another set of close ups from DP review, this time at 6400ASA, a more likely top end for me. Notably on the target test, the solid grey has more noise on the Canon. I’m not thinking it’s a problem for me. When I shoot product, it’s with strobe, with people it just doesn’t matter as much and additionally, these are supposed to be RAW files processed without noise reduction which in my tests using Capture One and Lightroom give a whole lotta latitude more in capability. There’s a chance that the camera itself has some noise reduction prior to writing the RAW file as well so comparisons aren’t always so simple. That in mind, nevermind the comparing color below, they are RAW files which need profiling/correction. For the record, I use both C1 and LR, noise reduction is added by default. I’ll go into this more on my next post, the 5DMKII benchmark. Guess I should have shot my original 5D too… oops.


Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 1.51.18 PM

And one more test group, because rarely do I shoot anywhere outside of 100-400 ASA, as I mentioned, I’m a user of strobe as a primary lights source, people use me for my particular style so why would I start shooting available light portraits at 6400 ASA? First impression, 5DS has more noise, more contrast and more resolution… but once again, Lighroom or Capture One would likely make that comparison moot. Only in some extreme situation would I expect one to look better than the other that extreme being full resolution use in which case the 5DS would pull ahead or extreme low light situation where the 7RII has the advantage.
ASA 400 test group
ASA 400 test group



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