And before the smartphone, before the selfie…

Fact: I shot this shortly after the bagphone’s obsolescence.  I had my first flip phone which may or may not have had text message ability. I was digging through a box of chromes today cleaning off a shelf and ran into originals from this set. Unfortunately scanning the originals wasn’t going to happen today for a quick post but I did have some copywork from a print on an archive drive from a decade ago. This was my first big job, PSINet shot in NYC, Toronto, Hong Kong and Paris, a three week stint with five primary locations. The individual shots were stripped into the stack of flat panel monitors we shot in Toronto in the second row. Caption was something like the internet is knocking are you there? They were a big deal, at about $10K/monitor, shipped in from some rental somewhere at a time when a 21″ monitor was a 60Lb CRT that cost $2K.


Tech & notes:

  • Ektachrome E200 pushed up to 3x
  • Bronica SqA with 35mm f3.5
  • Norman 400B with umbrellas
  • f22  because suffering is good

Things I learned on the trip:

  • sleep whenever you can, melatonin doesn’t work
  • your bag should fit under your seat, it doesn’t matter if you’re on the road for 3 wks
  • first class doesn’t suck, biz is sufficient, don’t look back.
  • Glenfiddich tastes better in a hot tub overlooking the hong kong harbor while smoking a Cuban cigar
  • flights over 24hrs are really agonizing, make that 8.
  • people seem to have trouble knocking on imaginary glass
  • what I retained from 7th & 8th grade French class is useless



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