Assisted Selfies – the flip side of the OOVOO shoot

Though the shoot had four main images to be composited into to three final images that would rotate on the site, there were oodles of selfies that had to be taken to fill in the quadrants on the phone screens and to be scattered in various places on the website. It took about four days to shoot the groups in enough varied locations that they could be reassembled on screens without much redundancy in the talent. We discussed shooting the images with an actual smartphone but shutter lag and the inability to sync a smartphone easily with strobes made it impractical. Sure I could have probably done the lighting with Kino’s or other but the impracticality of redundant grip outweighed authenticity. SLR it was, and it gave us the advantageous options of cropping and RAW files.

For the record, this is my 95% smiley face happy edit, look at the ads in the previous post to see OOVOO’s selections to their concept.


The OOVOO selfie grid
The OOVOO selfie grid

** See the edit full size on here **

Technical & production notes

  • 7 locations, four days
  • 2 assistants
  • 1 producer
  • 1 P/A
  • wardrobe stylist
  • hair stylist
  • makeup stylist
  • set stylist 2 days
  • Shot with Canon 5DMKII
  • Lit with
    • Dynalite
    • Profoto
    • Elinchrom
  • Previews on Ipad using CamRanger
  • RAW processed on a Mac using Lightroom




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