A whole lot of pictures in pictures was the plan… action packed week of production and  location shooting made this one up. The plan was to show a bunch of teens/twenty somethings slacking about and chatting on the phone app, having a good time with their peeps. The shot list was pretty packed, the producer had to watch the checklist pretty closely to be sure we had every option we needed to use each person on the screen as a possible chat mate for each landing page scenario so things multiplied quickly.  I shot this in 2013, why now write about it? It’s been sitting in a folder on my desktop for two years waiting, Max was born in the middle of the production so it kind of slipped my mind. The site was recently overhauled, not quite as conceptual I’d say. Just checking in? I’m going to do another post on the selfies. Nice collection, may as well use it.




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