A title chosen for impact though likely unrelated in any way to what I hope you were thinking.  Remember, I’m trying to sell a photographer, they’re saving the world…

I did a gig a few days ago, not like my usual kind of photoshoot.*  I was hired to photograph the Prime Minister of the Palestinian Authority for The Israel Project. It was amazing to be surrounded by such an intellectual and accomplished group of people as they discussed ideas sure to be in the headlines of coming months.

Salam Fayyed, Prime Minister of the Palestinean Authority and TIP President Jennifer Laszlo Mizrahi in a Roy Lichenstein scene. Great space, just a strange backdrop for such a serious discussion.
The photoshoot took place in the amazingly well appointed 10 million dollar penthouse apartment of… well, I’ll just say Raoul Panache?**  I would feel like it was an invasion of privacy to post this and the accompanying images if there weren’t already image online so here goes.

I’m looking for an apartment in NYC, something no normal person would ever wish to endure.  By normal, I’ll define that as a  person near median national income levels and moderately sane?  Not only are the art pieces in the place probably worth much more than the apartment buildings I am looking to buy into, they wouldn’t fit on any of the the walls.  Should I trying to collect smaller art pieces?  Okay already, I’ll share the photos.

Mel Ramos – Candy, Victor Vasarely to the left… and something familiar to the right
* Note I say “photoshoot” and not “shoot” on this one, I had to practice for my ineveitable encounter with US Secret Service where I was sure to be asked why my assistant and I had just arrived with several cases of strange equipment.  I would not ever suggest casual use of the word “shoot” with Secret Service.  They tend to be literal and are not known for having a sense of humor.  Also to be avoided, expressions like, “you da bomb!, You’re Killing me or show me your guns.”

** I made it up in an attempt to not piss of some really wealthy and powerful people that could make my life miserable if they wanted but probably wouldn’t because they were really nice and are saving the world while I take pictures to pay my rent.



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