Moby’s toys

Photographing Moby for Illustration Magazine

Moby in his studio

This past June I had the pleasure of photographing Moby for a Japanese publication, Illustration Magazine.  Though short on time, Moby wasn’t short on character.  A wall of fame adorns his Lower Manhattan studio with another wall of analog electronics that will make any tech head drool let alone one with musical inclinations.  Setting up in Moby’s ultra cool loft, my urge to play with electronic toys was squelched when I was shut down in an attempt to move an extension cord out of the frame.  Yuko (designer, illustrator and reporter for this one) and I decided on a tag team approach, or would it be bait and switch? Interview a bit, shoot some available light, come up with good angles for lighting, pull him into a lit set, ask a few more questions, shoot a few frames.  Moby wasn’t having it.  He’s media savvy, experienced, and quite an energetic showman.  Not that we didn’t get what we needed, but in his own, gentle way, Moby ran the show.  He gave us what we wanted, and then some.

Thanks, Moby, for the 45 minutes.  I wish we had noticed before we wrapped, but we finished 15 minutes early and didn’t even know it until we entered the elevator.  Maybe he’ll give us that 15 minutes another time?  I promise I won’t try to play with the synthesizers.  Thanks, Yuko!  We should to this more often.

Oh yeah, and about that phone number… 212-243-1895 it’s still the same but if you were using my 917 number that one is no more so please make the change.




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