Glowcamp – RGB Lighting Control… by me!

29::GC-6, originally uploaded by M::R::I.  find them here:–r–i/4882082967/
Presentation day! So I made something nifty, a lighting control unit for and RGB LED strip. It’s been a conversation piece and accent light in our dining area for the past half year and today it got some street cred in the techie world and was used for a photographic lighting tool too! More to come on that one. Neat things I spoke about but not in the notes, it’s easily programmed to do whatever lighting effect you want. Additional controls can be added as there are plenty of pins left on the microcontroller. Also there are plenty of unused outputs so dream as you wish. You can see the full presentation here: Glowcamp if you follow the link in the description my presentation will pop up in a new window. I’ll try and post a few shots here later but I wanted to get something in writing before a wild night in the East Village distracts me from such important things.  Part of the fun at Glowcamp, a couple of photogs that go under the handle M R I wanted to do some time exposure portraits with people in camp… nifty LED Strip controller turned out to be quite good for the show.  Perhaps I should get a few hundred thousand of them made in China and bring the cost per unit down from the hundreds to something marketable?



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