And the winner is…

We’re Robot Finalists!

The NY Regional FIRST Robotic competition happened last weekend, and somewhere between amazed and elated, we found ourselves frantically preparing to compete in the Championship Round!  With a robot originally designed with low goals, literally, we competed for high scores!  The uniqueness of our design, its reliability, simple functionality, speed, and maneuverability were enough to get chosen to compete in an alliance for the finals.  I’m still amazed.  When I began working with the team, the participants had hoped that other teams would have no luck going for the high goals and would not score well.  Our machine was well-designed to get respectable point scores in the low goal.   We were surprised with the level of engineering demonstrated by some of the machines.  On the other hand, there was a lack of engineering on some, or maybe you would say a lack of sportsmanship on the part of one team that didn’t score any points, but successfully tipped over our machine– an incident deemed accidental by the referees.  See the replay, and you won’t agree.   All in all, a frantic and fun day.  It was great to work with the kids, see them compete, and even better to see them with ear-to-ear smiles holding the second place trophy at the end of the day.   Anyone at all interested in the FIRST program, feel free to contact me.  Mentoring a team is a rewarding experience!



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