FIRST Robotics with Washington Irving HS


FIRST Robotics students working on FTC entries
Anyone who knows me well eventually discovers my inner nerd– the nerd that spent a year in an engineering program before the passion for pictures pulled me away from my calculator.  I never had a pocket protector; I drove a Camaro.  The urge to play with electronics happens once in a while, like when I built solar panels and power adapters for Me and Abby to power phones, iPod, camera and lighting while cycling for a month off the grid in eastern Canada.  [Hmm… that’s a post I should recover from a while ago.]

I spent this evening working with students at Washington Irving High School in Manhattan, helping them build and tweak a robot for the FIRST Robotics FTC competition.  The team is well-equipped with kits and underwhelmed with the number of participants (2).  … and the beautiful workshop classroom that has been looted of tools.  (Yay! Drill press.  Boo. No chuck key.  Pliers, anyone?)  We will succeed!  We are the underdogs!! (Ah, Saints!)  Anyone want to sponsor the team?  We could use some tee shirts with nice logos, tools, and hot meals delivered for late-night tinkering.  No reasonable offers refused.  More to come!  I’ll link to the school’s program site soon, with Dave’s special images.



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