Show me your megapixels, and I’ll show you mine

model testing again… here’s Samantha

For the new year, I decided to up my megapixels.  Does that make me a mega-geek?  To counter the possibility, I thought it best to photograph scantily-clad models and prove my alpha-photographer-superior-male status.  Of course if you really want to see a comparison from the old camera to the new one, I didn’t do it.  That alone should drop the geek thing from your vocab.  If you’re a regular follower, you know I’m in a new studio on West 26th Street.  Gorgeous, huge windows, amazing light, but the shots above are from the space next door.  Oh well, maybe we all can’t afford $20K/month rent.  Not sure who is as of yet, but with fresh walls and electrical wiring, we’ll know soon.  Bummer… it was a lovely space for rogue shooting.

Model: Samantha, Makeup Yassira, Styling Rox



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Author: David

I'm a photographer! I take pictures, duh.

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