About David Neff

I’m the one with the camera

David Neff shoots people for a living.  Born and raised in a suburb of Philadelphia in the sixties and seventies, and educated at Rochester Institute of Technology in the eighties, David entered the world of commercial photography in the mid-nineties.  David Neff Photography, is one man pretending to be a corporation, specializing in editorial and lifestyle photographs with a playful, bold style.  When not holding a camera, one might see David zipping by on a road bike in New York City or many miles up the Hudson River basin to get some fresh air, in Central Park playing with his son Max, building furniture, tinkering with electronics, or fixing appliances that break too quickly as a result of planned obsolescence.  He loves traveling, including a recent (third) trip to China where he shot International Aperture Award-winning photos in Sichuan Province.  For more information, please visit: www.davepix.com.

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