Photoville 2016 NYC… I’m in!

2016 Photoville ASMP container, Charlamagne tha God made an appearance selected as one of about fifteen or twenty images from the New York chapter to represent. Quite an honor, the image was also selected for the 2016 annual to be delivered tomorrow to a few hundred creatives across NYC. I hope everyone enjoyed browsing images on a lazy August weekend between the bridges.

Max Mercury Neff (David Neff)

Max Mercury Neff (David Neff)

Max Mercury Neff (David Neff)

Space Improvement Day!

Stormtrooper discussing space improvement

Todd Blatt, stormtrooper at Baltimore Node (David Neff)
Todd Blatt, stormtrooper at Baltimore Node
On a recent trip to Baltimore working on the PRS series, I dropped in on a former co-worker Todd Blatt at Baltimore Node. Todd is a 3d designer, tinkerer, maker guy and part of the 501st Legion Garrison. The Storm Troopers do fundraisers for charities and look pretty good at a party. I had a camera, Todd had armour, the whiteboard… just a coincidence I couldn’t resist. Storm troopers don’t sound quite the same without the sound effects guy in the house so keep the music up when they march in. Preferably Vaughner?

Power Racing Series test


Power Racing Series at Bellworks 2016 (David Neff)
just one step above spit & chewing gum
Another day working with Power Racing Series teams….

We went out to the legendary Bellworks Labs in Humboldt NJ for a mini Maker Faire where the PRS was having the first exhibition race to help local new and old teams tune up their rides. Two major teams I have already worked with were there and a few new entries below working out the quirks in their new cars. We ran some tests and will hopefully get some fun race shots at the big race this Sept in Queens!

Power Racing Series at Bellworks 2016 (David Neff)
a student entry with a cardboard body held up with duct tape suspenders. Maybe they’ll work that out for the races!
Power Racing Series at Bellworks 2016 (David Neff)
qualifying lap crash… hay bales are good… for me.

Mr. Bill is back for an evening anyway


At the American Museum of Natural History #AMNH NYC for game night kid free! After ping pong and Cocktails I found myself playing with clay feeling inspired for something a little retro. Mr Bill is back! Not the original of course (was he ever the same twice?)I gave it my best shot I left him on the table fully intending to go back and see if someone might have mauled him well but unfortunately was directed by security before I had a chance. I’m kind of hoping to look online and possibly find someone posting a follow-up if so I’ll post a follow-up.

Power Racer Dave 2016

Midway through a fun day shooting the FUBAR Labs Power Racer Series team in New Brunswick NJ, Rob and I got to take a few cars out for laps. Fun day! I probably should be wearing a helmet here, they are not slow! Now why didn’t I think of handing my camera to someone instead of waiting for a bad cell phone shot. More to come soon, have to edit down quite a bit!
Power Racing Dave 2016
Bad cell phone photo of me… not to be mistaken for picture by me but just to illustrate that I want to have fun too!

FUBAR Power Racing (David Neff)FUBAR Power Racing (David Neff)FUBAR Power Racing (David Neff)

Snow day without snow

We had a snow day last month, a snow day without snow. From the set design side, a little snow might have been nice but if it had snowed I probably wouldn’t have been able to get these guys to drive over to the TransCanada power plant in Queens NY for a photoshoot either. Sure it was cold, sure I was wearing a fur hat, down parka and mittens but these guys are snow pros! Interesting showing up on location and having security tell you you can’t photograph the power plant, smokestacks, waterfront, barge, dock or any infrastructure. Okay, not interesting but that was the gig.

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 2.56.51 PM

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 2.58.09 PMScreen Shot 2016-02-10 at 3.31.06 PMScreen Shot 2016-02-10 at 3.40.26 PM

Shot with:

  • Canon 5DmkII
  • Profoto AcuteB & umbrella
  • Special Sauce
What I learned: Mac Laptop battery life is reduced by… maybe 7x when it’s below freezing so tethered shooting can be precarious. If it was my car, it would have had an inverter in it. Oh well, NYC sucks for owning a car so I rent.



Advertising and Marketing

Round 18 begins!

Beginning of 2016, I’ll be partnering with Agency Access to do promotional legwork and planning. The beginning, a potential revamping of my identity, promos and some edits to my website, compiling new target lists and calls will start again. It’s been quite a few years since I sent out anything other than social media so it will be interesting to see how things have changed.

Step one, editing images…. this is intimidating though I have done it many times before… starting with a library of over 300,000 images, culled down to around 35o. It doesn’t look as difficult to edit when reduced to .5″ cells in a grid?

Question is, where do I focus on the promotion… advertising, corporate or editorial and even then how much more focused will we go. It seems as though I have become rather focused in the past decade but it may become more narrow for the purpose of the campaign. Anyhow, this is the starting point!


Where the wild things are

Source: Max Mercury Neff | David Neff Photography 2015

If you don’t know about Max’s wolf suit, you missed out on childhood. Max is Max, of course he should have a wolf suit and of course it should be furry and soft and he should get pizza and dirt on it to make it authentic. Max loves his wolf suit though it seems other kids love it even more as he becomes a big fuzzy animal toy. Is peeing in your wolf suit a good way to show love? Ask your dog. Is my kid cute or what? Rhetorical question.

Max Mercury Neff (David Neff)Max Mercury Neff (David Neff)Max Mercury Neff (David Neff)

A few weeks ago, Max’s wolf suit was a blanket. Nice to be handy and creative at times. Sorry no pattern to post for you, didn’t use one and it really didn’t fit perfectly either… nor will I pass it on for another year’s use to someone else because I don’t want to be liable for pin sticks, the trip hazard tail or heat stroke. Still, next year maybe I’ll do another, better version because if you’re a kid named Max, your wolf suit always be a good standby and it only cost about twenty bucks to make it.


Kona Ute in New York City

Source: Max Mercury Neff | David Neff Photography 2015

Benefits of self employment, I’m getting to spend some quality time with my boy. A few days a week, he gets to run errands with me, indulge in my cookie addiction and see the sights of NYC. I pity the kids that get stuck on the subway every day. We have a Kona Ute, I did a previous write up a while back if you want to know more about cargo bikes/long tails. A Ute is probably tougher to handle with the current config. but it’s what we have… Maybe a HaulADay in the future? We bought apples too, Max loves apples!

29Lbs. Max with a 7Lbs. camera

Source: Max Mercury Neff | David Neff Photography 2015

Teach a man to fish and he’ll eat forever, teach a kid to take pictures and he’ll eat dollar pizza and spend all his money on equipment.

We went to Maine, this wasn’t the first time I let Max hold a camera, but the last time he was sitting on a bed, not on the beach near the water. The fun part about getting this was that we had to run back and forth to try and stay in the frame as Max shot away, having the time of his life and not paying much attention to where he was aiming. Great shots Max, maybe competition worthy.

ISO comparison Canon 5DMKII

ASAtest5DMKIIISO 1001-60 sec at f - 14
ASAtest5DMKII ISO 100 1-60 sec at f – 14
ASAtest5DMKIIISO 8001-60 sec at f - 20
ASAtest5DMKIIISO 4001-60 sec at f - 20 ASAtest5DMKII ISO 400 1-60 sec at f – 20
I’m a few weeks off of bringing home a new camera, likely the Canon 5DS over the Sony A7RII. I decided to do some testing of my own so I really know what I’m getting for my dough. As I mentioned in the previous post, I use a 5DMKII and love it. Nearing the point where my backup DSLR really is obsolete, upgrading to make my beloved 5DMKII the backup seemed like more fun than buying a new backup. I invited Heidi Klum over to stand in for the test but she got a last minute booking so I had to do the test alone. The following series of images were shot with studio strobe varying the power as much as possible to maintain consistency in camera settings though I had to stop down at the high ASA end and open up a little on the low. What I’m really looking for is excessive noise and funky colors at the high end and creamy smooth low end. I’ll shoot the same series with the new camera in a few weeks. Images were processed to JPG 65 using Lightroom. There is a default amount of color noise reduction which does make a big difference on the high ISO files but as I use it on all my files regardless I left it on. There is no applied luminance noise reduction. The images are reduced cropped sections, click on them to inspect at full resolution.

ASAtest5DMKIIISO 16001-60 sec at f - 20

ASAtest5DMKII ISO 1600 1-60 sec at f – 20

ASAtest5DMKIIISO 32001-60 sec at f - 20
ASAtest5DMKII ISO 3200 1-60 sec at f – 20
ASAtest5DMKIIISO 64001-60 sec at f - 20
ASAtest5DMKII ISO 6400 1-60 sec at f – 20
ASAtest5DMKIIISO 128001-60 sec at f - 20
ASAtest5DMKII ISO 12800 1-60 sec at f – 20
ASAtest5DMKII ISO 25600 1-60 sec at f - 20
ASAtest5DMKII ISO 25600 1-60 sec at f – 20
ASAtest5DMKIIFFISO 1001-60 sec at f - 14
ASAtest5DMKIIFF ISO 100 1-60 sec at f – 14
ASAtest5DMKIIFFISO 8001-60 sec at f - 20
ASAtest5DMKIIFF ISO 800 1-60 sec at f – 20
ASAtest5DMKIIFF ISO 3200 1-60 sec at f - 20
ASAtest5DMKIIFF ISO 3200 1-60 sec at f – 20
ASAtest5DMKIIFFISO 64001-60 sec at f - 20
ASAtest5DMKIIFF ISO 6400 1-60 sec at f – 20
ASAtest5DMKIIFFISO 128001-60 sec at f - 20
ASAtest5DMKIIFF ISO 12800 1-60 sec at f – 20


Camera comparison


I’m shopping for a new camera, why? I skipped a generation, the 5DmkIII as it was only 1MP higher and I didn’t see the need for top end ASA increase. Sony and Canon recently released the next generation Sony A7RII and Canon 5Ds & 5Dsr. My backup camera is rather obsolete, I fear my main camera going down on a shoot, probably a time to invest again. Caught up in the buzz surrounding the Sony A7RII, it seemed for a while that I might be leaning towards a platform change. The prospect of buying new lenses again $$$ was enough to get me to scour the internet for reviews. In the end, well, almost the end, It looks as though I’ll go against the flow and get the new Canon 5Ds.

I used DP review’s camera comparison tool to look at the Canon 5DMKII, 5DMKIII, 5DS and Sony A7RII at ASA’s from 100 up to 12800 and pushed the cameras capable of higher ASA’s up more for grins. Though the 5DMKIII and A7RII are capable of higher ASA’s, and possibly can resolve the same as the others at another stop of sensitivity, the gain once again probably doesn’t matter so much to me. What surprised me most was that my existing 5DmkII really wasn’t as bad as I had assumed at the higher ratings. Other considerations were, do I really need 50Mpixels? Should I get the 5DmkIII instead? I’ll post a follow up on my choice perhaps next month, though the deciding factors are as follows. The Sony mirrorless line is always on “live view” and has a battery half the size. You get about 300 frames on a battery. It’s not uncommon for me to shoot over 3000 exposures in a day. Do I really want to manage 10 batteries in a day? Dual battery grip and charger aside, it’s one more thing to go wrong. On Mega pix, why wouldn’t I want  50Mpx? Sure it will kill my computer and stuff my server with files, but then I can crop with reckless abandon? Oh yeah, and it costs more too!

DP Review Camera Comparison tool… yes the 5DS has more noise… but then it’s also about 18% larger
Pros and cons

 Canon 5DS Sony A7RII
Price $3,899.00 $3,198.00
Mpx 50 42
ASA normal ISO 100-6400 max 102,400
Shots per battery 750 300
Tether USB 3 USB 2 micro
Size Big Cute

Another set of close ups from DP review, this time at 6400ASA, a more likely top end for me. Notably on the target test, the solid grey has more noise on the Canon. I’m not thinking it’s a problem for me. When I shoot product, it’s with strobe, with people it just doesn’t matter as much and additionally, these are supposed to be RAW files processed without noise reduction which in my tests using Capture One and Lightroom give a whole lotta latitude more in capability. There’s a chance that the camera itself has some noise reduction prior to writing the RAW file as well so comparisons aren’t always so simple. That in mind, nevermind the comparing color below, they are RAW files which need profiling/correction. For the record, I use both C1 and LR, noise reduction is added by default. I’ll go into this more on my next post, the 5DMKII benchmark. Guess I should have shot my original 5D too… oops.


Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 1.51.18 PM

And one more test group, because rarely do I shoot anywhere outside of 100-400 ASA, as I mentioned, I’m a user of strobe as a primary lights source, people use me for my particular style so why would I start shooting available light portraits at 6400 ASA? First impression, 5DS has more noise, more contrast and more resolution… but once again, Lighroom or Capture One would likely make that comparison moot. Only in some extreme situation would I expect one to look better than the other that extreme being full resolution use in which case the 5DS would pull ahead or extreme low light situation where the 7RII has the advantage.
ASA 400 test group
ASA 400 test group

And before the smartphone, before the selfie…

Fact: I shot this shortly after the bagphone’s obsolescence.  I had my first flip phone which may or may not have had text message ability. I was digging through a box of chromes today cleaning off a shelf and ran into originals from this set. Unfortunately scanning the originals wasn’t going to happen today for a quick post but I did have some copywork from a print on an archive drive from a decade ago. This was my first big job, PSINet shot in NYC, Toronto, Hong Kong and Paris, a three week stint with five primary locations. The individual shots were stripped into the stack of flat panel monitors we shot in Toronto in the second row. Caption was something like the internet is knocking are you there? They were a big deal, at about $10K/monitor, shipped in from some rental somewhere at a time when a 21″ monitor was a 60Lb CRT that cost $2K.


Tech & notes:

  • Ektachrome E200 pushed up to 3x
  • Bronica SqA with 35mm f3.5
  • Norman 400B with umbrellas
  • f22  because suffering is good

Things I learned on the trip:

  • sleep whenever you can, melatonin doesn’t work
  • your bag should fit under your seat, it doesn’t matter if you’re on the road for 3 wks
  • first class doesn’t suck, biz is sufficient, don’t look back.
  • Glenfiddich tastes better in a hot tub overlooking the hong kong harbor while smoking a Cuban cigar
  • flights over 24hrs are really agonizing, make that 8.
  • people seem to have trouble knocking on imaginary glass
  • what I retained from 7th & 8th grade French class is useless

Startling Truth About Kim Revealed by Former Housekeeper (clickbait works?)

7 Celebrities Who Can’t Stop Cheating

I can’t help but to notice my last blog posting reached and converted almost 4x more than the last FB promo and converted 16x more than the last. When my first website was posted in HTML, I populated metadata with words stripped out of a porn site to increase hits. It was a bit of a joke to me at least, thinking people might go there for #boobs and find a bald fat guy in a nasty wifebeater playing guitar on the toilet.

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 4.21.34 PM

After a bit of a hiatus, I have returned to my blog, with a backlog of material to fill in and release. I’m not really good with blogging as I go, maybe I’ll get better this year. Encouraging as it is to see hits to my words, I went into the stats today thinking I’d figure out some pattern to success and amp it up a bit but it’s hard to see where Moby would only get 59 hits to my random model in a towel getting 78 hits. I have to find out what exactly the reach means. Doesn’t everyone getting my feed get my post on their timeline? Has something changed? Is FB broadcasting me more since I’m posting more? What gives? I want to see it give more! At the risk of giving my competition a trade secret or even worse, motivating them to do the same, I ask you… was it the clickbait that drew you in? Did you just happen to get caught up in the statistical cloud and drawn in? Was it the photo?

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 9.07.23 PM Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 9.07.42 PM Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 9.08.22 PM Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 9.08.30 PM  
Horrible CGI Effects That Movies Need to Stop Using

Avoid these food to get rid of stomach fat

You Must See These Historical Rare Pics That Will Leave You Shocked

Ugly stars that had plastic surgery

Hidden innuendos we totally should’ve noticed before


Assisted Selfies – the flip side of the OOVOO shoot

Though the shoot had four main images to be composited into to three final images that would rotate on the site, there were oodles of selfies that had to be taken to fill in the quadrants on the phone screens and to be scattered in various places on the website. It took about four days to shoot the groups in enough varied locations that they could be reassembled on screens without much redundancy in the talent. We discussed shooting the images with an actual smartphone but shutter lag and the inability to sync a smartphone easily with strobes made it impractical. Sure I could have probably done the lighting with Kino’s or other but the impracticality of redundant grip outweighed authenticity. SLR it was, and it gave us the advantageous options of cropping and RAW files.

For the record, this is my 95% smiley face happy edit, look at the ads in the previous post to see OOVOO’s selections to their concept.


The OOVOO selfie grid
The OOVOO selfie grid

** See the edit full size on here **

Technical & production notes

  • 7 locations, four days
  • 2 assistants
  • 1 producer
  • 1 P/A
  • wardrobe stylist
  • hair stylist
  • makeup stylist
  • set stylist 2 days
  • Shot with Canon 5DMKII
  • Lit with
    • Dynalite
    • Profoto
    • Elinchrom
  • Previews on Ipad using CamRanger
  • RAW processed on a Mac using Lightroom



A whole lot of pictures in pictures was the plan… action packed week of production and  location shooting made this one up. The plan was to show a bunch of teens/twenty somethings slacking about and chatting on the phone app, having a good time with their peeps. The shot list was pretty packed, the producer had to watch the checklist pretty closely to be sure we had every option we needed to use each person on the screen as a possible chat mate for each landing page scenario so things multiplied quickly.  I shot this in 2013, why now write about it? It’s been sitting in a folder on my desktop for two years waiting, Max was born in the middle of the production so it kind of slipped my mind. The site was recently overhauled, not quite as conceptual I’d say. Just checking in? I’m going to do another post on the selfies. Nice collection, may as well use it.


calling cards again!

Not calling cards like AT&T but Biz cards. Another round. Address changed, I decided it was time to make the small print easier for people that don’t carry around a magnifying glass with them all the time. Here’s a few of the candidates that rose to the top jumbling around elements of the original ID done by Axiom. I know the “Dave Says” version is over the top busy but I always loved my tape and just wanted to see it live on. If I ever get a silly enough image to put it on, I may do a version with it on the face.



And the finalists for the backsides of the cards….


the Family Truckster: Kona Ute

Max Mercury Neff (David Neff)

Megabike, Kona Ute, cargo class 1.  I made that up, there are no standards on Cargo bikes but this one has a rather conservative 100KG rating. It was a tough decision between Extracycle, Trek, Surly and Yuba but the winner came from Craigslist as the first available. It works, the center of gravity is a bit high as Kona went with 29er wheels rather than 26″ as most manufacturers do. It makes mounting and dismounting a bit precarious, expecially when overloaded as I often do. Otherwise, it handles like a tank, the bags hold a pile of stuff and it’s sexy as all hell.  Fitting it into the elevator and or the bike room in our Co-Op is a real challenge so as it’s been on the street now the greater part of the year, I have in mind my alternatives for when it gets stolen. Bike Friday has a new cargo bike which weighs in about 10 lbs less and is about a foot shorter due to smaller wheels.  I missed the kickstarter but maybe one will hit Craigslist at the right moment.

Max is sitting in his Yepp Maxi, he is older than 1 year making him legal to carry on a bike in NY and he is wearing the latest most fashionable outfit I won’t describe.

In case you’re shopping for a cargo bike, here’s my take on the competition… in longtails. I didn’t visit bucket bikes.

Extracycle – The original, created the standards for most accessories, makes a frame extender kit or a frame. Not cheap but well designed

Trek Transport – No longer made, hard to find, was pricy but nice! Very well made frame, compatible with Extracycle

Surly Surly is just cool. Bombproof, not cheap though most of their bikes are pretty well priced

Yuba Mundo – Very reasonable and super cargo capacity probably due to the oversized rear axle.

Kona Ute – The only one that uses a 29er wheel, high center of gravity reasonably priced, just went back into production after two years off. They also make the MunUte, a shorter version for your average city dweller.

Bike Friday Haul a Day – Compact, never seen live… sounds like a great bike, missed the kickstarter on it but hope to get one without having my bike stolen.


Huge and the full Vermonty




Max Mercury Neff goes to Lake Memphremagog, Newport Vermont (David Neff)

In case you missed it, Max is all grown up! Here he is at 26 months, now three feet tall, walking along the beach at Lake Memphemagogg Vermont. We grabbed a great little Air BNB cottage on the other side of the treeline for a long weekend of much needed time outdoor. Thankfully, the heat didn’t follow us from NYC!

Max Mercury Neff goes to Lake Memphremagog, Newport Vermont (David Neff)

Elvis has left the building


Elvis Duran and his production crew
Elvis Duran, Danielle and Bethany
One fine morning we got to play in the studio with Elvis Duran and his production team. Having recently slimmed down a bit, Elvis was ready to show the world his new image and boy did he look great. Thanks to Sophie, Sophia and Yasu for getting them all prepped for set and thanks to my crew for keeping things moving. We shot at Elk Studios, Chelsea for the day and the wonky large Chimera seemed to do the job just fine. Another two feet of ceiling would be nice but hey, it’s NY.

Thanks Elvis for smiling when repeatedly calling me an asshole. It truly was a fun day and I got to take home a bag of almonds!

Elvis Duran and my production crew
Elvis Duran and my production crew


And if you are reading this post and wondering why it suddenly appeared backdated… I promised I wouldn’t release images until publication so… here you go.

Technical & production notes

  • Rental Studio – Elk Studios Chelsea
  • 2 assistants
  • Digital Tech
  • wardrobe stylist
  • hair Stylist
  • makeup stylist
  • Shot with Canon 5DMKII
  • Lit with Profoto
  • Tethered to Mac via USB
  • RAW processed in CaptureOne

Breakfast in the subway

We’re having breakfast in the subway corridors! The Breakfast Club, coming soon to a subway platform near you.

They’re back! DJ Envy, Angela Yee and Charlamagne, in a subway near you. No, not the store, the L train, Corridor from 6th ave to 7th, etc…. I get a kick seeing my image unexpectedly appear when scurrying from a subway car. Last sighting, Broad St. at the end of the J & Z. If you come across a poster, send a the location and a selfie for giggles. Bonus points if the poster hasn’t been defaced. There should be some billboards up in other markets, maybe stop the car if you’re going to selfie at them and especially if you’re the driver.


Max Mercury Neff (David Neff)


Max Mercury Neff (David Neff)


The original post:  Breakfast for lunch  just in case you are super curious and want to see more.


Cheers… send selfies to or hit me up on facebook or whatever…


Oh yeah, I’m a dad!

Fun, outgoing, athletic, stylish and handsome. That’s my boy! You should see him roll over!

Perhaps there should have been an “It’s a Boy” post this past, ahem, May. Being aware that parenthood suddenly zaps all your free time away you may just give me a pass on that one. On the other hand, if you were following me on facebook you have seen a selection of the thousands of images of Max already online. Make him a marketing machine you say? Without further adieu, Max Mercury Neff, at 10 months. I’ll backfill a bit in a few posts then go forward again as I try and reclaim a bit of time and get things out there.



Fun, outgoing, athletic, stylish and handsome.  That’s my boy!  You should see him roll over!

Rewind ten months, back to May 21st. Sometime about 11pm Max had his debut breath of fresh air.  Here he is right after having his footprints done thus the inky feet.

Max Mercury Neff (David Neff)

Max Neff, 5 minutes new. 21 May 2013. 24 hrs of labor all forgotten in an instant. Life has changed. (David Neff)


So, if you really want to follow progress, there’s a gallery in personal for Max where I’ll be updating his face regularly.






Stuffing your squirrel*, no cranberry please?

An interview with Wilder Duncan, classical artist, taxidermist and Brooklynite

A happy coincidence, having missed a special seminar at the Secret Science club a few years back: a client from Chicago asked me to introduce his nephew to the Great Fredini thinking there could be some symbiosis.  Before passing on the info, I thought it best to check out his credentials.  To my delight, Wilder happened to be a rather colorful person well deserving of documentation.

Wilder Duncan photographed in his parlor Brooklyn NY 2013 (David Neff)

Wilder honed his craft at Wesleyan University.  A mashup of classical art education, the lifelong love for animals, art, history and diorama.  His reanimation of roadkill began in Newton, Massachusetts.  Self-taught as a taxidermist he went on to be the make it look alive again guy at the Evolution Store.  When he’s not making or protecting art, he teaches workshops in preparation of zoological displays.

When he was 12, Wilder’s aunt found a dead Oriole, that would be the first bird he stuffed.  When I asked him what got him started, he said, ” People love animals so much they decide to stretch their skins over something else so they can look at them forever; this phenomenon fascinates me.”  He had already professed his love of animals ten minutes earlier.  What would he hope to do with his work one day?  Show it as a whacked out, crazy natural history collection.  Hellooo Museum of Natural History, anyone want a resume’? Sideshow!  Take me with you!  You can pay me (David)  peanuts to brush the beetles out of the dioramas.

Coincidentally, a few days later I ran into The Great Fredini as I was passing through Union Square.  Introduction done.  Museum of Natural History, meet Coney Island, I see great hairy reanimated possibilities.  Did someone say sideshow?

See more of Wilder’s work here

* note: Wilder would like it to be known that all animals used by him are acquired legally as well as ethically.  Please practice responsible taxidermy.  Live animals are to be respected, expired animals are to be admired.


Wilder Duncan photographed in his parlor Brooklyn NY 2013 (David Neff)

Wilder Duncan photographed in his parlor Brooklyn NY 2013 (David Neff)


Filed by Chelsea

Chelsea Miller makes hand wrought knives from reclaimed files and tools in her Bushwick Brooklyn workshop.

Chelsea Miller, I met her at a loft party five years back. We spent many eves biking Brooklyn & hacking the human grid with the gang at Pedal Power NYC. Last summer she began selling a line of knives she creates using repurposed files stockpiled in a top secret Vermont location. A couple times a year she hauls a suitcases of mill bastards, rasps, woodchucks and tapers down to her Buswick Brooklyn workshop and works her magic on them, turning them into hand wrought one of a kind original knives.
Chelsea Miller Knives (David Neff)
Chelsea Miller Knives, Bushwick Brooklyn
A few weeks ago I dropped in on Chelsea to see her new shop and a few of the knives before they rushed out the door. She began selling her blades at the Brooklyn Flea last summer. One day we visited her tent to see the collection and shoot the breeze. Maybe the flea wasn’t the spot to sell a knife that costs more than the table in the booth one over but great for marketing, picking up a nice page in Saveur.  Go Brooklyn magazine people!  She’s making knives faster than the cuts on her hands can heal. All are hand wrought by Chelsea one of a kind knives with riveted hardwood handles.  Check out her knives, get one with a matching cutting board. Do it while you can still say you got a Chelsea Miller Knife back when she made them all herself!  You can sometimes find Chelsea at the Brooklyn Flea, if you don’t recognize her from the photo, look for the girl selling knives wearing bandaids not nailpolish.


Chelsea Miller Knives is also found on Shopify


3D printing with The Great Fredini

Fred Kahl - The Great Fredini with his Rostock and Printerbot 3d printers in his Brooklyn NY workshop (David Neff/David Neff -
Fred Kahl – The Great Fredini with his Rostock and Printerbot 3d printers in his Brooklyn NY workshop (David Neff/David Neff –


I dropped in on Fred a few weekends ago, and talked shop a few hours before he pulled out the sequined tux for a few photographs.  If I had thought of it sooner we could have pulled the Stanford bunny out of the hat but print time for a big one could easily be a day.  Having first encountered “The Great Fredini” as a performer at Coney Island’s Burlesque shows, his enthusiasm toward 3d printing seemed out of place.  Fred is the longtime Creative Director at an interactive/gaming company Funny Garbage, with a history of putting sharp objects in his head, Brooklyn resident, living just a little closer to an undeclared Superfund Site than I.  Maybe it makes a little more sense to me now.  I was introduced to Fred by a friend Keith who works for 3d Systems. He and Keith collaborated on the trophies for last summer’s Mermaid Parade.  It turns out, Fred, has become quite the 3d printing enthusiast as you can see here, working on a scaled reproduction of Coney Island’s famed Luna Park.  On the Rostock to camera left is one of Fred’s scanned people.  Off to the right is his first machine, a Printrbot.  The recent launch of his new pet project, Coney Island Scan-A-Rama portrait studio is a really fun project using some stuff from the hardware store and a hacked Kinect Controller.  See his blog for more info, go get scanned!  Alice and I are scheduling our scan in the next week or two…. follow up to come.  Knowing Fred what I have seen people under his spell perform, we should be seeing some interesting works!

Wondering what that strange Rostock thing is?  quick explanation, it’s part of an open source project to build 3d printers at low cost out of common materials.  The Rostock is an original approach in the way it moves the print head on x,y and z axes.  I’d hate to see the math behind it but it’s truly entrancing to see one in operation much as most of the machines on the market.


Interested in more images of the Early Adopters of 3d Printing photo series… the project began here.



Fred Kahl - The Great Fredini with his Rostock and Printerbot 3d printers in his Brooklyn NY workshop (David Neff/David Neff - Kahl - The Great Fredini with his Rostock and Printerbot 3d printers in his Brooklyn NY workshop (David Neff/David Neff - Kahl - The Great Fredini with his Rostock and Printerbot 3d printers in his Brooklyn NY workshop (David Neff/David Neff -








Lunch with Breakfast

 The Breakfast Club Power 105.1fm

The Breakfast Club, Angela Yee, Charlamagne The God, DJ Envy
The Breakfast Club, Angela Yee, Charlamagne The God, DJ Envy in NYC
Sometime last month, and kept under wraps until the client had a chance to release images, I had an assignment to photograph Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club.  If you follow my work, note, this is not a bunch of guys in suits.  The image to the left is an outtake, they were going for lighter smiley shots.  After four hours with the club, the image to the left I can relate to more.  Between wardrobe sets we took the club out in the lobby and picked up a few extras with backgrounds.  Bonus rounds!  Images are just filtering into the web…  If anyone catches a billboard out there, send me a snapshot and a location, I’d love to see it.  So what did we feed The Breakfast Club?  Bubby’s!    I love Bubby’s, reminds me of Bubby., more than guys in suits!

The Breakfast Club, Charlamagne The God
Charlamagne The God


The Breakfast Club, DJ Envy
DJ Envy










The Breakfast Club, Angela Yee, Charlamagne The God, DJ Envy

Thanks to Hosea for making the call,  Thanks to my crew Sophie, Sophia, Yasu, Maegan and Simon.






Featured again… Marni and my laundry… DesignTaxi

Reuse of a portfolio project which has gotten some mileage! Marni and my laundry. Of course the laundry was prop laundry but it was mine just the same.

Give Us Your Best Caption: “The World Is Your Stage”.

Marni & my laundry
DesignTaxi posting of CreativeFinder page with my image of Marni with my Laundry
Marni & my laundry does it again, pulls in some traffic to the site.  Shot many years ago as part of a series on ballerinas it’s gotten a whole lot of mileage and been in and out of my portfolio for years.  This was shot in Charlotte NC using one of my first pro digital cameras.  Recently I reprocessed the file using Lightroom 4 and put it back in the portfolio.  Amazing how reprocessing has improved the image but you would have to see a high res print or screen detail to really tell.  Thanks again Marni for a fun shoot wherever you are.








Ride behind me… Say Cheese! Saturday Morning Die Hards…. POV with a new view!


Another NYCC ride, when it should be 15° out and snowing, here in NYC this January we got 44°F instead.  Left behind the tights, balaclava and winter gloves, instead went for leg warmers, beanie and lighter gloves, none of that you will see in the video, at least not me.  Thanks again to the Harry & Co. for getting me out of bed 7am to tie on 80 mi and cross the state line four times.

Once again, the POV camera tagged along for a new view.  This week I designed a mounting bracket to hang onto my seat bag so we get faces instead of backsides.  Don’t mind the debris and water coming off my tire.  I’d considered a fender but that would have meant taking off the seat bag… and a different bracket.  Next time, I’ll just put in for a sunny day in the 70’s?  More likely, next week will be more the same but I’ll go for the helmet mount.  Without further adieu, 2.5 hours of the ride in 3 minutes, starting from Rockland Lake.

20130112 SaturdayMorningDieHards from David Neff on Vimeo.

Saturday Morning Die Hards, the return: Rockland Lake back to Manhattan


    I think I love photography as much for the gadgets as the art.  Playing with open source and free 3d design and manufacturing has enabled me to play engineer and make some simple problem solvers that in the past I might have used standard grip gear for.  Of course there is no substitute for a magic arm, mafer, superclamp or cardinelli when you’re hanging a seven thousand dollar camera on something but when your camera costs just over a hundred, why not hang it on your own prototypes.

    Once again, the technical part.

    • Camera: Swann Freestyle on Full auto (no other choice)
    • Resolution: 8MP
    • Capture rate: 2sec
    • MP4 composed at 720p with Adobe Lightroom4
    • Homemade seat wedge bracket
Neff seatbag bracket for Swann Camera system
bracket for a swann freestyle camera to mount on the seatbag of a racing bike. Extra credit if you put it on a Landshark!



POV Camera trial#2 Saturday Morning Die Hards ride to Bauvelt 2013 Jan 5

Second try at POV camera on bicycle, Photographer David Neff, an avid NYC cyclist shoots a time lapse on the weekly cycle club excursion to share with Dad

  • Saturday Morning Die Hards ride to Bauvelt 2013 Jan 5 from David Neff on Vimeo.

    My father introduced me to cycling, not just by taking off my training wheels, but by showing me his trophy and a newspaper clipping of his thanksgiving prize turkey won at a Philadelphia Criterium back in the early 50’s.  I did my first century ride with my dad when I was 13 but it wasn’t until my late 30’s that I would make them a regular weekend Saturday ride.  The last time I got dad on a bike was three years ago, and unless modern medicine gets a whole lot more scifi, it’s unlikely that we’ll have his bike out for another century.  About every Sunday, I speak with my parents and when I tell dad about my ride, I always wish I could share a bit more of it.  Round one, seems batteries only last for the first 35 or so miles, it’s a start.  This week, tested my first iteration of a handlebar mount fabbed at home on a 3d printer.  If you don’t mind staring at backsides in spandex, not so bad.  Helmet mount is a little better but not quite as comfortable.  Maybe next time.  Also in the works, maybe shooting a seat mount.  Ride behind me?  Say cheese!



    • Camera: Swann Freestyle on Full auto (no other choice)
    • Resolution: 8MP
    • Capture rate: 3sec
    • MP4 composed at 720p with Adobe Lightroom4
    • Handlebar mount… 
Version D Swann handlebar mount
Version D Swann handlebar mount
This is the first prototype for the mount, with 65 miles on it, I have a few mods in mind and will print out another maybe tomorrow.  The part I fabricated is the silver clamp on the bars, it integrates with the proprietary mount that comes with the Swann Freestyle camera system.

Please wait while we reprocess your files…

Reprocessing older RAW files with the new Lightroom 4 algorithm makes for surprisingly wonderful renewed improved images!

It’s been a long time, almost fourteen years since I shot my first RAW file.  And thanks to Lightroom 4, suddenly some of thouse images shot with obsolete cameras look a whole lot better.  I just may be putting a few “retired” images back in the book soon!  Looking at the images above and details below, you might just think a little adjustment in Photoshop is all the difference between them but it isn’t so.  The image on the left spent plenty of time in processing and was limited at the time by moire patterns and ugly color artifacts when you tried to zero it in.  In print (CMYK) it looked pretty good, but on the monitor, no comparison.

Better detail and color without loss of tonal accuracy
Notably improved color and detail without sacrificing tonal rendition in LR 4

A couple weeks ago during Photo Expo, I was sitting in a seminar on Adobe Lightroom, a product I know like the back of my… well,  maybe my head?  Really, I’m quite proficient with it but these days without a good solid manual to read over all the features, you’re just guessing that the latest release is better as you occasionally find a feature here or there.  Oh yeah, the point, Bryan O’Neil Hughes, the guy running the seminar, mentioned that lightroom 4 algorithms are so much better than the previous versions that you should go back and reprocess your portfolio.  Being that I am not the heaviest Photoshop manipulator and prefer to do not much more to an image than you might have done in the darkroom of yesteryear, it seemed like a good idea.  now, two weeks into the project, I’m saying, maybe I should be more selective with my edit!  Crap, hate to not have all the finest be as fine as they might be but really, this is taking forever.  Below is a selection of what I have worked on the past few weeks.  Even with uber powerful super duper Macintosh running LR4.0, its an ordeal searching a library of a quarter million images spread over a bunch of drives.  So, Josh, you’re looking even finer in those panties these days thanks to LR4.0.  What can I say, Victor’s Secret was one of my most hilarious series, hated to see the files become obsolete, and really had no desire to do that series over again… unless someone wants to jump up with a checkbook!

My Calling Card (another one for the checklist)

to address my business card or go address free?

The question of the day, and perhaps I should be sending this by my long lost designer Brandon Scharr, but I thought I’d give it a shot…   Is there any reason for me to have a street address on my card these days?  I do almost all my transactions on the web and only occasionally send out a hard drive via FedEx loaded with high res files so it really comes down to design.  Can the card stand on it’s own without an address (and slightly larger type than I have used for the past fifteen or so years to adjust for aging.)  Ten years ago, I dropped having a fax number on the card, it took the text down from four lines to three.  Does anyone have an opinion? Feel free to let me know.



to have address or not to have address
to have address or not to have address
Perhaps there should be more background here, maybe you know, maybe you don’t and soon likely I’ll have more in depth ramblings.  In summary, I spent the past two years on a hiatus from my freelance to help out a friend with his startup, Makerbot Industries LLC.  After a year of hard work growing the company as General Manager, I moved into the marketing department to let the new investor installed management take over the place.  Maybe not so voluntarily but somehow I guess I was rewarded.  A year later after building their library of images for collateral I am back out on my own again.   Ahhhh, what a relief.





A title chosen for impact though likely unrelated in any way to what I hope you were thinking.  Remember, I’m trying to sell a photographer, they’re saving the world…

I did a gig a few days ago, not like my usual kind of photoshoot.*  I was hired to photograph the Prime Minister of the Palestinian Authority for The Israel Project. It was amazing to be surrounded by such an intellectual and accomplished group of people as they discussed ideas sure to be in the headlines of coming months.

Salam Fayyed, Prime Minister of the Palestinean Authority and TIP President Jennifer Laszlo Mizrahi in a Roy Lichenstein scene. Great space, just a strange backdrop for such a serious discussion.
The photoshoot took place in the amazingly well appointed 10 million dollar penthouse apartment of… well, I’ll just say Raoul Panache?**  I would feel like it was an invasion of privacy to post this and the accompanying images if there weren’t already image online so here goes.

I’m looking for an apartment in NYC, something no normal person would ever wish to endure.  By normal, I’ll define that as a  person near median national income levels and moderately sane?  Not only are the art pieces in the place probably worth much more than the apartment buildings I am looking to buy into, they wouldn’t fit on any of the the walls.  Should I trying to collect smaller art pieces?  Okay already, I’ll share the photos.

Mel Ramos – Candy, Victor Vasarely to the left… and something familiar to the right
* Note I say “photoshoot” and not “shoot” on this one, I had to practice for my ineveitable encounter with US Secret Service where I was sure to be asked why my assistant and I had just arrived with several cases of strange equipment.  I would not ever suggest casual use of the word “shoot” with Secret Service.  They tend to be literal and are not known for having a sense of humor.  Also to be avoided, expressions like, “you da bomb!, You’re Killing me or show me your guns.”

** I made it up in an attempt to not piss of some really wealthy and powerful people that could make my life miserable if they wanted but probably wouldn’t because they were really nice and are saving the world while I take pictures to pay my rent.

Moby’s toys

Photographing Moby for Illustration Magazine

Moby in his studio

This past June I had the pleasure of photographing Moby for a Japanese publication, Illustration Magazine.  Though short on time, Moby wasn’t short on character.  A wall of fame adorns his Lower Manhattan studio with another wall of analog electronics that will make any tech head drool let alone one with musical inclinations.  Setting up in Moby’s ultra cool loft, my urge to play with electronic toys was squelched when I was shut down in an attempt to move an extension cord out of the frame.  Yuko (designer, illustrator and reporter for this one) and I decided on a tag team approach, or would it be bait and switch? Interview a bit, shoot some available light, come up with good angles for lighting, pull him into a lit set, ask a few more questions, shoot a few frames.  Moby wasn’t having it.  He’s media savvy, experienced, and quite an energetic showman.  Not that we didn’t get what we needed, but in his own, gentle way, Moby ran the show.  He gave us what we wanted, and then some.

Thanks, Moby, for the 45 minutes.  I wish we had noticed before we wrapped, but we finished 15 minutes early and didn’t even know it until we entered the elevator.  Maybe he’ll give us that 15 minutes another time?  I promise I won’t try to play with the synthesizers.  Thanks, Yuko!  We should to this more often.

Oh yeah, and about that phone number… 212-243-1895 it’s still the same but if you were using my 917 number that one is no more so please make the change.


Glowcamp – RGB Lighting Control… by me!

29::GC-6, originally uploaded by M::R::I.  find them here:–r–i/4882082967/
Presentation day! So I made something nifty, a lighting control unit for and RGB LED strip. It’s been a conversation piece and accent light in our dining area for the past half year and today it got some street cred in the techie world and was used for a photographic lighting tool too! More to come on that one. Neat things I spoke about but not in the notes, it’s easily programmed to do whatever lighting effect you want. Additional controls can be added as there are plenty of pins left on the microcontroller. Also there are plenty of unused outputs so dream as you wish. You can see the full presentation here: Glowcamp if you follow the link in the description my presentation will pop up in a new window. I’ll try and post a few shots here later but I wanted to get something in writing before a wild night in the East Village distracts me from such important things.  Part of the fun at Glowcamp, a couple of photogs that go under the handle M R I wanted to do some time exposure portraits with people in camp… nifty LED Strip controller turned out to be quite good for the show.  Perhaps I should get a few hundred thousand of them made in China and bring the cost per unit down from the hundreds to something marketable?

Saranac in a Kayak

July 2010 Kayak trip on the Northern Forest Canoe Trail


A much-needed vacation!  Abs and I took off last week and headed up to the Adirondacks with a rough plan to paddle part of the Northern Forest Canoe Trail.  Equipped with a pair of Feathercraft folding kayaks and a bunch of backpacking gear stuffed into dry sacks we set off to do about 34 miles in four days of paddling.


Late Monday evening we put in at Floodwood Pond and paddled only a few hundred yards to our first backwoods water-access -only campsites.  We hired a shuttle from St. Regis Canoe Outfitters in Saranac Lake  to shuttle our car to our endpoint the following Friday.   They were amazingly helpful in our trip planning and had a very well-stocked shop where we picked up a few last minute supplies such as a nifty dehydrated dessert for Abby’s birthday dinner on Wednesday, replacement deck bungee, and a rental dry box (you will likely see in every photo I took) for my big camera.


Late Monday evening we put in at Floodwood Pond and paddled only a few hundred yards to our first backwoods water-access -only campsites.  We hired a shuttle from St. Regis Canoe Outfitters in Saranac Lake  to shuttle our car to our endpoint the following Friday.   They were amazingly helpful in our trip planning and had a very well-stocked shop where we picked up a few last minute supplies such as a nifty dehydrated dessert for Abby’s birthday dinner on Wednesday, replacement deck bungee, and a rental dry box (you will likely see in every photo I took) for my big camera.


We rushed to assemble the boats in the early evening on Monday, and found our site just before dark with fear of being eaten alive by bugs.  Waking up early Tuesday to get out on the water, I realized that we had landed in paradise.  Our very own island, free of trash, broken glass, and people!   After bowls of instant oatmeal and packing up the boats, we set out into the wilderness, stopping to swim in the amazingly clear and fragrant ponds whenever the urge arose.


Day Three: paddling in Middle Saranac Lake, a few hundred photos taken and a few pages could have been written. Here we approached a tiny island smaller than our Manhattan apartment, er, maybe.  Our next campsite was just a quarter mile ahead, but how could I pass up an island that mimicked the shape of my bow?  Stopped for a snack, tied Abby’s boat to my stern, and she swam the last leg to camp (sans swimwear).


Yes, paradise once again.  Our very own cove with amazing breezes coming from the west across the lake and blowing the bugs into the woods beyond our tent.  Cooked an amazing birthday dinner (from a package…  just added hot water) and a strange birthday dessert that after paddling all day we devoured like wolves.  As the sun began to set, we paddled out on the lake to watch the constellations appear in a moonless sky.  The wind and waves died down, and the lake became smooth as glass.

Day Four: out on Middle Saranac Lake, early in the morning before the breeze chopped the surface, but this time there was enough light to take a few photos.  Yes, amazing still, and the trip kept getting better!

Hey, is that Salad on Your Roof?

Fresh green salad blogging
blogging about my salad
Last night I received a text from a friend, Daniel Bowman Simon, an activist involved in The WHO Farm asking if I was interested in meeting up with him for a little urban gardening.  It’s been a while since I had my hands in dirt so I dragged my lazy ___ out of bed and off to Greenpoint Brooklyn to do a little work outdoor.  I was pleasantly surprised with the scene that awaited me upon arrival at the Eagle Street Rooftop Farm.  Cool brezes coming in from the East River, amazing views of Manhattan, chickens clucking and a full rooftop of organic greens awaiting attention of the many enthusiastic volunteers in attendance.  After a few hours of milling about and being mildly helpful and more, just amazed, I bought a bag of greens, went home to have a fresh salad before class.
Brooklyn Rooftop Garden - Greenpoint
Views of the Brooklyn Rooftop Garden – Greenpoint

Container Art

Figment Festival Governor’s Island New york review

Figment Container
Figment Festival Governor’s Island NY 2010
Amazing festival to attend if you have the time.  I am pretty sure this is the third year they have done it the festival.  It began as a low budget gallery walk through where artists set up temporary galleries in the abandoned housing left over from the island’s former use as a military base.  The energy level in general was very positive, an amazing number of family oriented open air exhibits and interactive events are all over the many lawns, under beautiful trees and in the houses once again.  Pictured above, something I absolutely loved, shipping containers converted to use as picnic pavilions overlooking the Hudson Harbor at the south end of the island.  Make time for this one, read more about it and get involved.  Even the free ferry ride from Manhattan to the island is worth something… all free! and plenty to see and do.


A relationship begins, My Dream Boat…. Feathercraft Khatsalano, 18′ of techno love!

The deal of the century!  My Dream Boat!  Feathercraft Khatsalano, an 18′ aluminum framed hypalon & poly skinned beauty.  This one is just too much for words, I am now held captive by a full schedule and unable to get out and play but still I got out the boat the other day to inspect it and do some minor repairs.  Can you believe this fits in a backpack?  A great big heavy backpack but still… you can carry it.  My office is on an island… its seven blocks from the water and on the 5th floor.  There is no way to get the boat out of my office without taking it apart again other than throwing it out the window which has it’s own issues.  Oh well, it’s back in the pack again today.  Hopefully I can get out one day next week and put her on the Hudson.

Hot Bread Kitchen!

Taking a lazy afternoon break in the Union Square Green Market, a visit to the Hot Bread Kitchen table yields some great eats!

It’s too nice to be in the office, it’s too hot to be at home (haven’t put in the AC yet, maybe next week.)  Off to Union Square, it’s Green Market day!  Abs was helping out Jessamyn with the latest expansion of the HBC street crew so here I am (not in the picture) eating fresh bread, vine ripe strawberries and catching a cool breeze.   If I could make a living blogging about the Green Market and spend my days in the shade enjoying the breeze this would be mighty sweet!  Unfortunately I’ll have to go back to my office and make a living again in the very near future.

Bench Test MacBook Pro

Bench Test of the 2010 i5 and i7 MacBook Pro vs older Dual Core model and a Quad core Tower

MacBook Pro summer 2010 edition


I sent my IT expert (uh, er, me) to the Apple Store in Chelsea to see if the new MacBook Pro i5 or i7 would be a worthy investment, and the results are below.  Now remember, I am a photographer, so the tech specs you find on most sites don’t make much sense to me.  I thought it would be simple to run my own tests.

I had to install my software on a jump drive to run at the store as you can’t install software at the Apple Store, and they don’t regularly load Lightroom on the machines.  Lightroom is the biggest number cruncher I use and often a bottleneck so I used it for my testing.

For benchmarking the two machines I used Lightroom to convert 50 RAW files from a Canon 5D and 25 RAW files from a Canon 5D MKII to DNG from CRW and added the files to an empty library while generating previews.

Results: the MBPs differed only slightly, so I bought the less expensive one with the i5 processor.  Detailed results below.

Lightroom was running from a USB2.0 jump drive on all machines and the files to be converted were copied to the HD.


MBP 2.66 GHZ i7″ 4GB RAM 500GB 15″ screen 5400RPM HD

•   5D 50 file conversion 1:48

•   5D MKII 25 file conversion 1:33


MBP 2.53 GHZ i5″ 4GB RAM 500GB 15″ screen 5400RPM HD

•   5D 50 file conversion 1:49

•   5D MKII 25 file conversion 1:34


MBP 2.4GHZ Intel Core 2 Duo 4GB RAM 13″ screen 250GB 5400RPM HD

•   5D 50 file conversion 2.29

•   5D MKII 25 file conversion 2:00


Tower 2.6GHZ Intel Quad Core 3GB  forgot to write the rest down…. this wasn’t a candidate anyway thought pretty speedy…

•   5D 50 file conversion 1:21

•   5D MKII 25 file conversion 1:15


My Compact 36th Street Studio


I moved into another office/studio recently, this time in Midtown West on 36th Street.

Most of my work is still on location, and in reality, all I need is a good space with a freight elevator reliable enough to get my equipment down to a taxi.  For just a little bit more dough I upped the footage to have a play space.  The majority of the shots in my current portfolio were taken in Manhattan office spaces more cramped than mine, so I thought I’d give shooting in it a try.

Results: it works!  Here are two rounds of model testing.  I shot another gig last week in here with models lounging naked on a riser, but to see that one, you’ll have to go to the gallery opening in a few months when we get it all together.    For today —  Sherry P — a fun girl to work with!  Tiny studio, yet compact, efficient, and sleek!

5-Boro-Bike-Tour Bag

By now you kind of get it– that is, assuming you know me or you have read some of my more personal entries.  I’m a cyclist and a bit of an environmentalist.  This past weekend we partook in the 33rd Annual TD Bank 5 Boro Bike Tour.  This year 32,000 cyclists rode a 42-mile route beginning in Manhattan, touching the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn and ending in Staten Island.  This year marked my fifth 5 Boro Tour, including three as a ride marshal.  It’s a fun ride, and not a competitive one.  I prefer a hard 80 miles at a faster clip, but it’s fun to be social, see some sights, and be with Abby and 31,998 other car-free enthusiasts!

Sewing the bag

Notice we’re wearing green vests to identify registered riders.  That is where the impetus for this entry arises.

Thirty-two thousand riders!  That makes at least 32,000 vests printed.  …and what do you do with them post-ride?  If you live in Manhattan you don’t have space in your apartment for such keepsakes.  Photos on your hard drive are enough.  But throwing it away?  Not very green for my green vest, is it?

Reuse, Recycle, Reduce!

Here is what I did with our vests: an easy craft project and one that will give you bragging rights at work, the grocery, wherever.  Make a bag!

You, your mother, your neighbor, your grandmother, someone out there you know has a sewing machine.  This is not a high-skilled project, and you can make something useful out of something designed to be tossed.

Take your vest, turn it inside-out, and start sewing the front and back sides together from about where the dark-colored stripe is, down to the bottom, and up the other side to the striped top again.   Turn it inside-out again, and you will have a nice, light, packable tote bag about the size of a grocery bag as a memoir of your ride.  Imagine how much landfill space 32,000 of these vests will require! Make a difference.  Save the Earth. Reuse your vest!  I used it for my lunch bag today.





Polaroid: The Real Deal!

I received a request today to shoot some Polaroids for a model to submit to an agency in L.A.  Coincidentally, I’m  sitting on a stash of expired Polaroid I was saving for… the next Cold War?  Doris arrived around 3. I dragged out a few cameras and went to work.  Fun to shoot.  The colors are a bit off, but I did enjoy playing with some analog technology.  Thankfully, Doris has some idea of what to do in front of the camera, otherwise I would have wasted a pile of ‘roids.

I’ll have to do it again.   A few partial boxes of 4×5 Polaroid remain, and possibly a few twins of 669 at home.  Unfortunately the Pola pack back I have for 4×5 doesn’t mount well on my Busch Pressman.  The Graflex is set up for pinhole, and the Sinar P, well,  it was liquidated recently.   Maybe I’ll throw a lens on the Graflex.






Premiere Radio Shoot

It’s been a long time since I have rented a studio for shooting.  Usually I shoot in my own, but we needed something a little bigger and a bit more polished for my peeps this go ’round.  So, off to 28th Street– James Weber’s studio. Another change for this gig involved renting most of my gear.  The rental joint was only six blocks away, and yet I felt paralyzed with the following choices: push a giant handtruck loaded with equipment, take taxis six blocks, or worse yet, rent a truck?  I decided to rent the lighting gear instead and arrived with a stool, camera case, and some snacks.   Fun day!  Two assistants, a great stylist (Thanks, Jerry!), and really nice clients.   Randi was fun to work with, and I look forward to doing it again, perhaps on at a more scenic location next time.  …and just moments after we wrapped and shut down the lights I powered up for a group shot.  It’s not often I remember to put myself into one of these.
Photo crew
Evan, Moi, Hosea, Randi’s staffer, Randi Rhodes, another handler, Jerry

And the winner is…

We’re Robot Finalists!

The NY Regional FIRST Robotic competition happened last weekend, and somewhere between amazed and elated, we found ourselves frantically preparing to compete in the Championship Round!  With a robot originally designed with low goals, literally, we competed for high scores!  The uniqueness of our design, its reliability, simple functionality, speed, and maneuverability were enough to get chosen to compete in an alliance for the finals.  I’m still amazed.  When I began working with the team, the participants had hoped that other teams would have no luck going for the high goals and would not score well.  Our machine was well-designed to get respectable point scores in the low goal.   We were surprised with the level of engineering demonstrated by some of the machines.  On the other hand, there was a lack of engineering on some, or maybe you would say a lack of sportsmanship on the part of one team that didn’t score any points, but successfully tipped over our machine– an incident deemed accidental by the referees.  See the replay, and you won’t agree.   All in all, a frantic and fun day.  It was great to work with the kids, see them compete, and even better to see them with ear-to-ear smiles holding the second place trophy at the end of the day.   Anyone at all interested in the FIRST program, feel free to contact me.  Mentoring a team is a rewarding experience!

Valentine’s Gingerbread Puzzlefest


At the risk of making all the rest of you manly-man dudes out there look bad, here’s what I did for my favorite woman who happens to think fresh-cut flowers are not such a nice thing to get as a token of enduring love. (Dying flowers?)

The idea was influenced by an exhibit at X-Initiative (during the show where we presented D’Nono) and a post on my friend Deb’s Blog.

Hand-cut, homemade, gingerbread, Valentine’s anagram!

Edible, they become part of your body.  How much more symbolic can you get?  After eating a few cookies we got to work on additional phrases.

She was thrilled.  I got to eat cookies.  Win, win!

FIRST Robotics with Washington Irving HS


FIRST Robotics students working on FTC entries
Anyone who knows me well eventually discovers my inner nerd– the nerd that spent a year in an engineering program before the passion for pictures pulled me away from my calculator.  I never had a pocket protector; I drove a Camaro.  The urge to play with electronics happens once in a while, like when I built solar panels and power adapters for Me and Abby to power phones, iPod, camera and lighting while cycling for a month off the grid in eastern Canada.  [Hmm… that’s a post I should recover from a while ago.]

I spent this evening working with students at Washington Irving High School in Manhattan, helping them build and tweak a robot for the FIRST Robotics FTC competition.  The team is well-equipped with kits and underwhelmed with the number of participants (2).  … and the beautiful workshop classroom that has been looted of tools.  (Yay! Drill press.  Boo. No chuck key.  Pliers, anyone?)  We will succeed!  We are the underdogs!! (Ah, Saints!)  Anyone want to sponsor the team?  We could use some tee shirts with nice logos, tools, and hot meals delivered for late-night tinkering.  No reasonable offers refused.  More to come!  I’ll link to the school’s program site soon, with Dave’s special images.

D’Nono happened! (No drinks for you!!)

the bar of denial with John Bonafede at the helm


Here is an image of our installation with John Bonafede manning the Table of Denial.

We had great turnout last night at X Initiative Gallery for the closing exhibition.  More than two hundred people were denied service!  One bottle of champagne almost filched, many smoked almonds picked with some returned upon request.  We have much work to do sorting out who is whom in our image captures and editing the body down to something presentable.  Considering the 3am wrap-up for the crew, and a few days of shooting ahead, expect images next week.


Show me your megapixels, and I’ll show you mine

model testing again… here’s Samantha

For the new year, I decided to up my megapixels.  Does that make me a mega-geek?  To counter the possibility, I thought it best to photograph scantily-clad models and prove my alpha-photographer-superior-male status.  Of course if you really want to see a comparison from the old camera to the new one, I didn’t do it.  That alone should drop the geek thing from your vocab.  If you’re a regular follower, you know I’m in a new studio on West 26th Street.  Gorgeous, huge windows, amazing light, but the shots above are from the space next door.  Oh well, maybe we all can’t afford $20K/month rent.  Not sure who is as of yet, but with fresh walls and electrical wiring, we’ll know soon.  Bummer… it was a lovely space for rogue shooting.

Model: Samantha, Makeup Yassira, Styling Rox

And another run at the silver set…

Just another play date, Erin Reiter Burton, a friend of wardrobe stylist Crystal Thompson popped in today to try on the silver set… Erin is a showgirl, I hope that is a proper term.  Currently she is a cast member in the Phantom show.  She is the first person that actually fit in the outfit, a bonus for starters.  Add in dancer’s moves and physique… a little fan to the right… and here is what we get…

Perhaps tomorrow I’ll get into photoshop, extend the background and touch it up.  There are a few more tests to come…. Fumi, Samantha need to be edited still.  Okay, back to work.

Doesn’t Evan look ridiculous? (Jenn doesn’t!)


So we went out on location today…. early… much too early… I have a new camera!  So testing has resumed of course.  Who are we?  Yep, David Neff Photography can often be more than one person, it’s a crew, it’s a production machine, today it was Evan and I, in a taxi, off to conquer the world.  So what happened?  half way to the location, the shoot was scrubbed.  Kill fee to be negotiated but the hunger to kill still in my veins (note the switch to singlar.)  Really it was the urge to take a picture, not really an urge to kill.

I’m in a new studio, that you know if you read meticulously through my blog, maybe if you read a little of my blog?  ten minutes later… three phone calls, four emails….

Where were we, okay Evan is working on catalogs, I should be editing, but instead I’m going to shoot a bit.  Crystal came over today (as if you know who Crystal is?) from the Costume Lab next door and dropped a few tidbits of fashion off to play with.   Now you see where I’m going, probably you already knew, likely you saw the photograph first but if you were following my train of thought you would have also had the half hour delay between typing this and posting the image with it that you looked at before you read this.

Blah, blah, blah.  Later we shoot it on Jenn and maybe it will look more spectacular.



Does Jenn look ridiculous?

I don’t think either really look ridiculous, though I have gotten about 45% less sleep this week than I should have and my judgement is beginning to slide.  I really think Evan looked quite regal if not gladiator-esque in the silver suit.  I tried to get him to take his shirt off, I have better luck these days telling the opposite sex to bare some skin.  Hmmm, am I getting old?  Okay, enough said, off to the old 37th St Loft to hellp Bonafede with his leaking sink.  Why don’t my friends call a plumber?  Better get dinner out of this!  Yes I know I need to retouch out the bra strap.



Miss Eliza goes to town!

Spank me, spank you

Mistress Eliza & a nice freindly gimp dude

Always a nice way to start the holidays, I took some time out to visit Miss Eliza and a friend, just my assistant and I with five cases of lighting gear.  It was a wonderfully intimate setting…. until we showed up and turned the place upside down.  So you wonder if it’s tittilating to be face to face with a rubber clad dominatrix wielding a crop and six inch stiletto boots.  Yep, you bet it is.  Alas though my desire to be bound, gagged and whipped though has not yet arisen.

Maybe just a little spanking would have been nice though.

Happy holidays,


The Great Pastie Debate



Just a link… something that I’ll follow up with later as I probe the bounds of tasteless image creation?  Tasteful imagery?  Creative venting?

Something I picked up on a flavorpill site this afternoon…

the great pasties debate

And the follow up begins.  Really, it’s an illustration on a wall… and a really nice colorful illustration that bears about as much resemblance to humans as the Peanuts characters.  Back in 2005 I had an assignment to shoot a dude on a couch eating popped corn with his blow up doll.   When the art director showed up with the Paris doll all boxed up pretty I had to admit there was a part of me that hoped he would leave the prop behind after the shoot.  We mounted up a bike pump and set to work on Paris, fully expecting her to look somewhat like the Paris Hilton lookalike (sort of) model on the package.  When Paris was fully inflated to her full 4’8″, she was less than stunning, triangular head, mittens for hands…. needless to say, I encouraged Dave to take her home and share her with his wife.  Hell, what do you want for thirty five bucks anway.  Reminds me of a song by My Life With The Thrill Kill Cult; Mystery Babylon.  Look it up… one of my faves!

3rd Ward Crafts

3rd Ward Crafts, originally uploaded by Davepix.

Holiday Shopping, more like holiday tasting with my favorite person, Abby.  We biked to Brooklyn to see 3rd ward and check out the holiday craft sales. Merchandise quite nice, chocolate covered things…. even better. Part of the purpose of the trip though was to check out the facilities there. It’s an impressive community of creatives sharing resources. Wood and metal shops, photo studios, beautiful windowed space and a nice bunch of people. If only it were not so far out in Brooklyn. Supposedly in Williamsburg but it seemed like Jamaica. Maybe I should have worn another layer or a balaclava.

Truth in Advertsing

Bank of America Ad running this week,

Truth in Advertising

Check out the Bank of America ad running this week.

I couldn’t help but to rant on this one….  “All the tools you need to reach new heights.”

Come on now.  Put a little thought into your propping!  Perhaps ask a climber to prop it?  They put an ice axe with nuts (for rock) and a rope almost long enough to hang yourself, but not long enough to tie the dinghy onto the roof of your Hummer.  How about that stainless steel water bottle?  Sure enough it would freeze to your lips as you tried to lick the ice cube inside as you ascended that couloir?  The lighting is pretty, though, and the color coordination is superb.  Consider also a leash on that ice axe; they are hard to hold onto (for your life) in the cold while wearing gloves.



Promo Day!

New e-mail promo!

If you’re on the list, hopefully you received the new promo.  If you’re not on the list, or you are but did not receive it, email me.  This one resembles the original; I’ve been playing with templates, but go easy… I’m not a designer nor a programmer.

Greetings [My Esteemed List],

As the sun sets earlier, and days turn colder, I thought I’d share some images from a sweltering few days this past August.  I shot production stills on the set of an exciting short film that should work its way through the festival circuit in 2010.

In 1960, students at Sycamore University volunteered for an experiment that sought to stop the external aging process. The experiment worked, and the resulting drug, Juvenol, went on to become the most popular prescription drug in history. Fifty years later, the Sycamore Class of 1960 has gathered for a reunion. Some look young, while others have chosen not to take the drug. JUVENOL is a short film directed by Yale University graduate Xander Dominitz and executive-produced by Stone Phillips (Dateline NBC).

Enjoy these images, evidence of the fun I had working with talented filmmakers, cast, and crew.  I’m grateful to the JUVENOL folks for allowing me to establish my own off-set narratives featuring various cast members in character.

Please contact me directly if you wish to see a portfolio in person.  Portfolio delivery available by foot, bike, or boat.



Roxanne, originally uploaded by Davepix.

Another model test with Roxanne and Yassira on a sunny day.   Central Park.  Autumn chill and Rox’s dress was lace.  She only shivered a little.  What a trooper!

Photoshopped images?  You bet.  Just a little bit.  After many years of avoiding major tonal mod, finally, I’m tired of not having cross process and all the fun, serendipitous things film gave us.  I gave in.  My mantra was: “Anything one can undo is not pure.”  Having recently processed a roll of film, the first in years, I decided I no longer care.  I might start altering images more.  There are just too many options.  However, I’ve enjoyed saying, “I made it with lights, not the camera/computer.”


Bre Pettis

Portraits, originally uploaded by bre pettis.

Poking around on the Web, I came across a shot of Bre Pettis I did in 2007 when we shared a loft space on 37th Street. I was setting up to some headshots when he wandered through and sat in for some lighting tests. Now I live in the East Village and Bre moved to Brooklyn to start up Makerbot Industries and NY Resistor.  Of course the goal is for the Makerbot is to build the empire on its own! Go Bre!

Bre was featured and quoted in a recent Wall Street Journal article on the rise of tinkering: “Tinkering Makes Comeback Amid Crisis


Empire State Building Tour

The Empire State Building, originally uploaded by Davepix.

What a view!   I had a really neat assignment to photograph the Empire State Building for the real estate section of a magazine a while back.  Bonus Feature: a two-hour tour of the building from the sub-basement to the antennae six stories above the publicly-accessible-by-ticket observation deck. The elevator car looked as it did seventy or so years ago, only now it was coated in fifty layers of paint.

So here’s my touristy version. The actual photo printed was something I shot from the street before the tour.  The experience was well-worth the editorial rate on this one.



Abby’s New Boat!

Neff20091029-196.jpg, originally uploaded by Davepix.

Ok, ok.  At least it’s not matching sweaters, robes, or cars.  We found a folding kayak for Abs, and this is its inaugural paddle.  Or the inaugural paddle with its current owner.  The kayak is an older model Feathercraft K-Light, but surprisingly easy to dis/assemble. The folders are amazing.  After the paddle, we packed up, threw the kayaks on a bus, and headed back to the city.

Gorgeous fall afternoon on the Housatonic River, and we even spotted a bald eagle pulling apart its fresh catch on a lofty perch.


Off season at the beach

Heading to Martha’s Vineyard from NYC, we decided to spend a night out in nature.  A night in between our existence in the East Village and a rural Island.  We found a campground, still open long after the tourists have gone that would allow us to make an early ferry to the Vineyard.  Horseneck Beach State Reservation.  Beautiful ocean views, sandy campsites and late access, good for leaving after work to drive late into the night.  Only drawback, being used to wandering out at 3am and getting pizza or falafel…. find some food in the middle of nowhere at 11pm.  We did though, and had a wonderful feast of salad bar items with a bottle of wine.  Ten minutes later and the grocery would have been locked up for sure.

Off the grid…. for a month

Grubby and tired but solar & kinetic

Grubby and tired but solar & kinetic.
What really is “off the grid?”  In some ways I feel it might be out in the wilderness with only my significant other, some rugged boots and a bowie knife.  Maybe off the grid means you live in a city without a grid pattern?  Can you just unplug power and be off the grid?

Abby and I took off one day on our trusty touring bikes to take a little tour of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.  The plan was to follow a loose schedule from Yarmouth NS around Cape Breton, round to Pictou and finish our last week touring Prince Eward Island before shipping our bikes back and catching a plane home to NYC.  We carried typical backpacking camping gear including a tiny stove and would resupply as we passed through towns.

Being that I’m a self employed photographer, as much as I love to think I can walk out of the office and leave it all behind, I end up bringing a pile of technology wherever I go.  No surprise here, I shoot digital now.  We (mostly I) had about 8Ah of lithium ion batteries between the camera (Canon 5D) media viewer/downloader, Ipod touch for checking email via WIFI (is that still off the grid?) and two cell phones.  Had we needed to charge devices along the way, we would have required a receptacle and four or five chargers, maybe a hundred foot extension cord?  How about a dynamo on a bike and then I could just ride in circles while taking pictures?  I opted for solar panels, we had a nice stable platform on the back of each bike that would be facing the sky for 120 kilometers or so a day over most of the next month.  How to make it all work?  Rather than reinvent the wheel, I found a nifty little device in Radioshack that would enable, with a little modification, us to charge most any small battery powered device with our setup.  Perhaps I’ll detail in a another post modding the Igo dual power adapter shown below.


Off Ebay, I purchased a couple of 1/3 watt 12 volt thin film (flexible) solar panels that would not only charge our stuff, but with a few bungee cords, keep our sleeping pads, food and miscellany from flying off the back of our racks.

Nomads in my soup!

China08_-1493.jpg, originally uploaded by Davepix.

After leaving Rabshi, we ended up in a taxi for 34 hours through mountain passes heading toward Chengdu. We were detained at 11 police checkpoints along they way, turned back at one and had our belongings searched at four. I had to delete a series of images off of my hard drives that I had taken at a previous checkpoint where we had been invited to dine on mystery stew and noodles with the police. Regretfully, I lost the photo of them all waving goodbye as we departed but there wasn’t much I could do with few words of Mandarin at my disposal. Any more vocabulary and I might have ended up in prison.

Here I has stopped the taxi to photograph a tent set up at the roadside in pretty much the middle of nowhere. Within minutes family oured out and surrounded us curious what two really odd looking white guys were doing out in the middle of nowhere China in a taxi.


Education on the Tibetian Plateau

China08_-1184.jpg, originally uploaded by Davepix.

After a greuling 16 hour bus ride into the mountains of the Tibetian Plateau, John and I caught a taxi two hours further west to the village of Rabshi. Here we visited a monk, the brother of an artist friend living in NYC. The photographs I took here are being used by the Tibetian Bridge Foundation to raise funds to build a more modern school for these children.

Tresspassing at the Penn Warner Club

Tresspassing at the Penn Warner Club, originally uploaded by Davepix.

Somewhere down the Delaware River in a sleepy, little (not so little) town north of Philly sits a really big landfill owned by Waste Management Corporation. The story here isn’t necessarily about them, but rather, the club.

When I was a kid, we occasionally trespassed there, swam in the coves, fished the waters, biked and made a ruckus. Why would anyone care?  It now sits next to one of the largest landfills in the region. It’s like a little campground next to a mountain of trash. Actually, it is a little private park next to a mountain of trash. Yep, private. Recently a few buddies and I rode our bikes from NYC towards Philly, and en route, detoured through a bit of the grounds on a cold winter day. A security detail ran us down and threatened us a bit to chase us off the grounds.  When I asked where we could get a day pass, he said we couldn’t as if we were hoodlums cycling from NYC in full Lycra to terrorize the grounds which were shut down for winter.

When I was a kid, before the mountain of trash came, when it was all woods between the Delaware and Tullytown, I wanted my parents to get a membership there.  It was prestigious, so I thought. My dad replied, “Why would we ever rent a seasonal campsite a mile from our house when we could go to Vermont or Canada?”

I didn’t see it. Now I do. Silly place that Penn Warner Park.


Rats Love Cheese

RatsnCheese, originally uploaded by Davepix.

The infamous New York Rat costume (that’s me!), complete with red diodes that light up the plastic-spoon eyes.  I had known Abby then for two weeks, full of energy, an amazing English teacher at The Beacon School on the UWS. We made her cheese for Bethany’s annual Halloween blowout.  Egg-crate foam, yellow spray paint, and sewn with dental floss.  Best_costume_pair_ever.   Photographed in my ol’ living room, 102nd & Riverside.

The Screening Room at Erhan’s

The screening Room at Erhan’s, originally uploaded by Davepix.

My plane to Istanbul landed about three hours earlier.  I was whisked by relatives of my friend Shane’s Turkish husband to a wonderful outdoor cafe where we wined and dined for a few hours. Soon after we went to Erhan’s house for a film screening. He is a collector of films in all forms, and thus set up a projection room and an amazing audio studio in his apartment. The film was book-ended by intellectual discussions of all sorts, politics, art, etc.  An amazing introduction to the region.



Turkey07498.jpg, originally uploaded by Davepix.

Hopefully I spelled it sort of similar to what it’s supposed to be, my friends pronounce it Ishmir. A sleepy little town on the tukish coast with a fine view of the Greek island Cos. Here is some of the most amazing windsurfing in the world, consistent wind of course being the primary attraction. Sheltered body of water with moderate waves and just amazing wind. I rented a board and gear here and for three days proved how inexperienced a windsurfer I really am. Still it was a great time in the middle of nowhere.


City Bike

P3292034, originally uploaded by Davepix.

Univega touring bike, outfitted for city riding. This is my beater bike, the one cheap enough to lock on the streets of NYC and not worry so much that it is going to be vandalized or stolen. It’s been with me long enough that if it were stolen I got my money’s worth but I’d miss it. No idea how many flats it has had at this point. I average about five flats a month at times, ride it almost year round and usually have kevlar belted Gatorskins on the rims. I have replaced the front wheel twice, the rear wheel once, the cranks twice, chainrings four times, chain maybe around the fifth. It’s a great bike, never intended for the abuse it gets but what can I say, steel is amazing. Softer ride, tough frame. Light too.

Night market in Bangkok

Bangkok, originally uploaded by Davepix.

Wandering in places where I stand out like a sore thumb late one eve, on a three day layover with intent to acclimate on the way to China. Somewhere between tourist destinations maybe wondering if it would be a good idea to be able to speak a few words of Thai. If only I had enough time to get over what I would get eating the stuff in this market I might have been more adventurous. Instead I stuck to things that were fried and drank bottled beverages. Nice that beer is one of those things.

Pulling my own chain


I ran into this again today, a write up in the New York Times for an Advertisement I shot ran in Heeb Magazine.  it was posted on a friend’s blog, I was searching for an old image and… well, here I go, getting a little more life out of it.

Heeb magazine New York Times original

New York Times write up for Heeb Adv.
New York Times write up for Heeb Adv.