I take pictures of people...

From my first camera (which actually did not take pictures, thank you Fisher Price) I always knew that it was fun to have toys.

What a great way to get to play with toys, choose a profession with lots of toys! Now what I really should have said is something about knowing from birth that I was going to be a photographer right? I'll start over.

I take pictures... capture the very essence of the soul.... blah, blah, blah. Perhaps I just like telling people what to do while I play with my toys?

Not a writer, I am a photographer so rather than write about myself I choose to ramble on in hopes of you just looking at the pictures to the right that are considerably more interesting than this copy which somehow I feel required to have on my website.

What else can I say, I have some Addy's, got in some CA's, other things here and there... shot for them and them and a few others.... I'll shoot for you too but you have to call and ask nicely.

Just look at the pictures already.


aka Dave